UK’s oldest cathedral installs THIS painting of Jesus’s last supper

One of Britain’s oldest churches decided to install this painting of the last supper and also changed the representation of Jesus. The painting features Jesus as a black man and it will be installed in the St Albans Cathedral in Hertfordshire. 

This painting was made by  Lorna May Wadsworth to be a part of prayer installation in North Transept. 

This decision comes after the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement began in the US and  St Albans Cathedral is standing as an ally, hoping to build a stronger community that dignifies every human being. 

“In the painting, Jesus is a black man, and so calls us to ‘look with fresh eyes at something you think you know’,” the church mentioned on their website. The painting will stay on display until October. 

Here is whatsome people had to say after the church announced the installation.

This cathedral was built in the 8th century and is known to be one of the oldest cathedrals in the UK. St Albans Cathedral will open its doors for worshippers on July 4.