Travel advise for travelers amidst Corona Virus Outbreak

Travel advisories are being issued worldwide and many passengers are being screened at airports. Many countries have put a hold on visas and this has lead to cancellations. 

While it is not the best time to explore the world and go on expeditions, many people have to travel for work-related reasons and even in case of emergencies. 

Here are the things you should take care of while traveling overseas in case it is impossible for you to cancel your travel plans. 

Don’t forget to carry sanitizers and masks 

Fitted respirator masks should be carried along if you are traveling and keeping your hands clean is even more important. Carry hand sanitizers and avoid touching your face. 

Check for event cancellation updates 

If you are on your way to attend a seminar or any event then make sure you check again as many public gatherings have been canceled across cities. See if the event has been rescheduled or if your ticket can be refunded. 

Travel insurance claims 

Most people are concerned about their travel insurance policies and if any coverage will be provided. Most travel insurance companies do not cover any outbreak situation. For those who have Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR), an optional upgrade can still expect some kind of compensation. Talk to your insurance provider about this situation. 

Check if proper hygiene measures are being taken in-flight 

Many Airlines have revised their protocols and have taken strict measures to ensure the chances of contracting the infection is reduced. Book flights with trusted airlines and avoid using in-flight blankets. 

Travel screening 

Many airports are screening the passengers who have arrived and an advanced process is being used. Passengers arriving from China, Iran, and 26 European countries have been banned from entering the US. India has suspended tourist visas till 15th April. 

Make sure you asses the situation before confirming your travel plans.