Trans Bhutan Trail reopening for travellers after 60 years

For the first time in 60 years, the Trans Bhutan Trail is reopening to travellers. The trail is opening from April 2022, and will allow travellers from across the world to walk this breathtaking trail. The restoration work of the Trans Bhutan Trail has been funded by the Bhutan Canada Foundation, which is the principal donor of this project. The 402 km trail connects 9 districts, 28 local governments, 2 municipalities, one national park, and 400 historic and cultural sites.

The trail is adorned with a detailed history. It has a 500-year old history donned with historic and cultural sites. Trans Bhutan Trail served as a pilgrimage route for Buddhists who were keen on exploring the pious destinations in Tibet and the western part of Bhutan.

Tourists can take guided walking and biking tours on the trail, the proceedings for which will go to the communities here. You could explore the entire trail by foot, which will take over a month’s time. For adventurers, photographers, and birdwatchers, this can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Moreover, the trail is going to be a major hit among pilgrims, and travellers who are looking for spiritual and wellness experiences.