Toronto- Top 10 Most Liveable Cities of the World

Toronto has successfully maintained its position in the list of top 10 top liveable cities of the world. The capital of the province of Ontario has the largest population among the other 10 cities in the list and has yet maintained to provide a better living standard to its residents all these years. It proudly boasts of its motto, ‘Diversity is our strength’ with people speaking in more than 100 dialects, the city is a home to diverse culture, people and religion all together living in the little space in peace, harmony and joy.

Over time, Toronto has been among the top choices for business investment according to the surveys conducted by leading publication houses.  FDI Magazine ranked the city after New York City in the category of “Overall North American Cities of the Future” it is also considered topping the list of the most business friendly North American cities.  It stood 10th in the economic city competitive index, which reflects on the city’s competitiveness to draw talent, trade and tourists along with the other factors which significantly contribute to the economy.

Spread across 630 square kilometers, the city has a long shoreline and three intersecting rivers and many tributaries. There is the Toronto harbor which was naturally built due to continuous sedimentation and deposition by the rivers on the bank.  There is a thick forest cover in the city which helps maintain the ecological cycle and is a home to species of flora and fauna. The city has a humid continental climate with warm humid summers and cold winters, it rains almost evenly throughout the year but summers are still the wettest months.

Toronto’s architecture is a mix of era and style. While some designs are recent others date back to the 19th century.  The city has high risen building of over 30meters in height used for both residential and commercial purposes.

Toronto is an environment conscious green city which proudly boasts of its civic pride. It believes in recycling its waste and using resources judicially. Recently, it approved of an environmental plan to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions and work towards creating sustainable energy for future use. It has been able to attract highly skilled workers and investment, which contributes to a healthy economy.

The city has lot of museums showcasing the rich heritage and history of the city, the public transport facility works amazingly well and efficiently eases the lives of the residents and visitors by taking them around the city, safely and by less expensively. This city gives you opportunities to grow, prosper, live to the fullest, discover yourself, gives you competitive instincts and makes you give your best at work and every front of life. Apart from this, the leisure activities that one has to choose from here are endless.

It is in the culture here to put in a lot of importance on education and knowledge, receiving primary, secondary and post secondary education is almost a must here. There are a lot of colleges and institutes here which are known to provide quality education and learning experience in various disciplines, not just the popular choices but also vocational subjects and hobby courses, there is something for everyone. Canada is known for providing a comfortable environment and reasonable fee structure to students, every year a lot of non Canadian students get themselves admitted in the universities here.

With the best of facilities, high standard of living, opportunities to grow and explore one’s self, Toronto indeed is one of the top 10 most liveable cities of the world.