Top 10 Travel Accessories for Travelers

With this ever changing world, travel gadgets have also substituted. The old struggle days are now tale of yesterday. Currently, there are many magical gadgets and accessories which are really helpful to take joy of every minute of your Voyage.

SD card with Built-in Wi-Fi

During travel the substantial time is wasted on transferring the heavy sized pictures and videos from your DSLR to Laptop or Hard Disk. You must have utilized that time having joy of the destination. To not waste such precious time, have possession of a SD Card with Wi-Fi. Basically, this smart SD Card is meant to totally abandon the use of cables, card reader, emails and blah blah blah. You just have to download an app which automatically pairs with your device whether it is iPhone, Mac Book, Android or Kindle and transfer the desired data within seconds.

Water proof mobile case

One of the common culprits of damage of smartphones is liquid. There are certain places where rains are highly unpredictable. Like in Dehradun, India, within the minutes the climate changes from hot sunny to rainy. For getting rid of such situations, always keep your phone in a water proof case for a care free travel experience.

Wallet Ninja

A credit card sized best flat multi tool kit. It easily fits in your wallet and has it all. Eyeglass screwdriver, bottle opener, box opener, screwdriver, nail puller, 6 sized hex wrenches, can opener, fruit peeler and above all it is a cell phone stand too. So, all such features make it a must have travel accessory.

Life Straw

This makes contaminated water safe to drink. You can suck as much as 1000 liters of water through this straw. This combats the clean water scarcity worldwide. Anywhere you are, you will always get safe drinking water as it auto filters the water. After reaching the maximum limit, you can change the filter too. It removes 99.9% of harmful waterborne bacteria.  To save yourself from unknown waters of abroad, pack this with you.

Swimming Earphones

These earphones have in-built Mp3 player which allows you to enjoy music with serenity of water bodies. With these earphones, you can go as deep as 10 feet underwater, stay for 30 minutes and can still enjoy the peak performance. Before buying this product remembers to check your size first or you may lose them.

Water, Dust and Shock Proof USB Stick

To save your data, you must have such USB stick. Some companies also offer hack proof USB with 5 years of antivirus protection. You don’t have to be worried every time and also, don’t have to run every now and then to protect you mini sized gadget.

Power Bank

This list is incomplete without a powerful power bank. It can charge your phone 3-4 times during any jungle safari or trek where you cannot find any power supply. Keep at least two power banks and keep one always charged as an emergency backup. Avoid solar power bank as they charge phone very slow, users reviewed as it charged half battery in 3 days.

Gorillapod Tripod

At the end of the day, every traveler is a photographer. This compact and portable tripod is highly flexible; the legs can be rotated to 360o. You can even wrap it round in a branch of tree to have desired picture. The best thing about this accessory is that it is compatible with both heavy DSLRs and small Digi cams.

Turbo Charger

Why wait to charge phone for an hour or two? You can now charge your phone within 15 minutes. That means, as soon as you finish your breakfast the high power boost of turbo charger charges your phone fully. Made for smartphones, this charger is as faster as 75% more than the normal charger.

Virtual Key Board

This is also a bluetooth enabled device which pairs itself with your device and helps you to compose emails, blogs etc. without the need of carrying heavy laptop or an extra key board. With typing speed of a standard keyboard, you can use this pocket device in any flat surface. A laser beam projects keyboard in the surface, sensors picks up finger movements and ultimately takes appropriate action. This is as accurate as normal or standard keyboard.