Top 10 Spookiest & Haunted Places In India

Every place in the world has some good and bad. India becomes a country worth a visit not just because of its beauty, but also because of the mysterious secrets that our ancestors left for us. The curiosity of the human mind to see and feel something which cannot be explained or factorized is impeccable. Famous movies such as Paranormal Activates, The Conjuring, and many more, are making people want to visit those places which may have some supernatural activities. Travelers now have a bucket list which has ‘visiting a spooky place’ as one of their wishes.

If you are the type of person who wants to unfold some mysteries and get some answers, then following are the top 10 haunted places in India:

1. Kuldhara – Rajasthan

Kuldhara, Rajasthan

Locally known as the ‘ghost village’, Kuldhara village is uninhibited since early 1800s. The village was a happy place with booming businesses and agricultural knowledge. Locally the story is that, somewhere in 1825, all the villagers from Kuldhara and 83 neighboring villages disappeared overnight, without so much as a word. This was because of Salim Singh, who was the minister of the state at the moment and fell in love with the daughter of the village chief. To protect the girl and the village from his cruel intentions, the entire village vanished and left a curse on the land, making it impossible for any future inhabitants to stay.

2. Dow Hill, Kursiang – West Bengal

Down Hill kurseong
What might look like a beautiful and peaceful hill station, turns into a horror movie in its quiet winter of December to March. The hill station is known for 2 things; its famous schools and the other is the mysterious deaths which took place here.  Over the years, people have heard strange voices and seen weird things, which sends them running for their lives. Local people have seen a headless boy running into the forest and then disappearing, making Dow Hills one of the most haunted places in the country.

3. The Shaniwarwada Fort – Pune

The fort is said to witness supernatural occurrences on every full moon night. While the fort might be known for its architecture, but it is also infamous because of the background story that it has. Tales suggest that a young prince was viciously murdered here. It is said that his spirit cruises the grounds of the fort and is heard screaming at night. A warning issued in public interest is that, people should visit this fort in daytime as at night the place is deserted

4. Ramoji Film City – Hyderabad

Ramoji Film City
Known as the dream city for every filmmaker, Ramoji is said to have a secret which unfold its existence. The city was built on a battle field where an unpleasant battle was fought. The death toll had reached a thousand people. Visitors have witnessed lights falling on people, female actors being harassed by an unseen force, etc.

5. Sanjay Van – New Delhi


The Sanjay van is a dense forest stretched across almost 10 kms located in the heart of New Delhi. People who go there for their morning walks have seen a lady wearing a white saree, who suddenly appears and then disappears into the cremation area. People say that she hung herself from the peepul tree in the forest and took her own life. She is heard screaming and crying. Sometimes the lady is seen going in circles around the tree.

6. Fernhill Hotel – Ooty

The hotel was given the notice to shut down after some supernatural activities were witnessed during the filming of the movie Razz. The famous actress, Bipasha Basu had told the reporters the story that took place at the hotel. She said ‘when Sarojji arrived at the hotel with her team late at night looking for some sleep, she couldn’t sleep as there were sounds of someone rearranging the furniture on the floor above them. On calling the reception they were told that there was no floor above theirs.

7. Dumas Beach – Gujarat

Dumas Beach, India
The beach which is famous for its black sand, has a lot of mysterious stories attached to it. The land was used as a burial grounds by Hindus for many years, and is home to many spirits. Visitors have heard people talking, when there is no one around. They have also heard screams of people who lost their lives while exploring the haunted attraction.

8. Three Kings Church – Goa

Rated as one of the most haunted places by the GRIP team, which is the Paranormal Society of India. The land is said to be wandered by the spirits of 3 Portuguese kings, who fought over this land for power and greed. The 3 kings wanted to rule the land alone. This was the reason behind the constant war they had amongst each other. One fine day, King Holger called the other two kings for a settlement, but in return poised them. As soon as this news broke to the followers of the two kings, they all came after King Holger to kill him. To save himself from dying in vein, he took his life the same way, by eating some poison.

9. Savoy Hotel – Mussoorie

SAVOY HOTEL – Mussoorie
This beautiful property is said to haunted by the ghost of Lady Garnet Orme. Legends say that she was mysteriously murdered in her room while staying at the hotel. Since then the guests and hotel staff has seen someone walking the halls in white making odd noises.

10. Tunnel No. 33 – Shimla

TUNNEL No. 33 – Shimla

One of the most beautiful and famous tourist spots in India, Shimla also has also reserved a spot for itself in this list of 10 haunted places. With many spooky spots to visit in Shimla, the most recommended one is definitely Tunnel no 33. It is the place where the ghost of Colonel Barog, a British Railway Engineer is said to haunt.