Thought you get while traveling alone in flight

Check out some thoughts you get when you travel alone:

Traveling is fun but not always when you are alone, though it is relaxing but it can be stressful at the same time. When you are alone it might get a little confusing and hectic for you to decide what to do next, when do it, or how to pass time.

And all this becomes more difficult and irritating when you are traveling in a flight where you can’t take stops or roam around. As you are alone there will be bundle of thoughts coming in your mind. Here are some thoughts that definitely strike your mind while traveling alone:

  • I hope I am not carrying anything inappropriate in my luggage
  • I wish I get window seat
Source Skyscanner
Source Skyscanner
  • Finally I passed the check in successfully, time to celebrate with Starbucks? I think so.

    • Uh, why so many security checks, I am not a terrorist
    • Yes, I’m clear. Time to rapidly grab my belongings so I don’t hold up the line.
    • Now I can relax or should I explore the airport?
    • Let’s have some coffee
    • When will the boarding start? Why the hell they are taking so long?

    • What should I do? Play a game or watch something?
    • Finally the boarding has started, get set go.

    • Who will be sitting next to me? I hope he/she is smart :p
    • What will I get to eat? Will it be hygienic and tasty?
    • I should stop looking outside and sleep
    • Should I use the washroom? Is it safe?

    • Oh god, done watching movie, listening to songs, what else to do?
    • When will I reach? It feels like an era sitting in the plane

    • Oh god I hope I land safely
    • My legs are freeze, I hope I could get up

  • This is so boring
  • Finally I will be reaching soon!