This recreation of outdoors using food items looks real!

Lockdown has pros and cons for everyone. People are learning to go out less and use their time wisely while staying indoors. Travel activities have been temporarily suspended, but one travel blogger has used this time to create something interesting and fun. Erin Sullivan, who goes by the username @erinoutdoors on Instagram, has created a photo-series with the hashtag #OurGreatIndoors.

The picture series is aimed at recreating scenic outdoors while indoors using household food items. Check out some pictures from the series below:

Erin Sullivan’s shots are similar to real outdoor places, which we could travel to escape but would it not possible now due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This travel blogger has taken creativity to the next level. Whether, it is a snowy sweet potato or steam in the onion springs. All of them look so amazing.

According to Sullivan, she is simply trying to capture the feeling of being in those places in her own way. “For me, photography has been a way to capture the feeling in a fleeting moment,” she wrote in her Instagram post.

On talking about the inspiration behind the series, Erin agrees that she probably wouldn’t come up with the idea if she was not in quarantine. . “Would I have started this series without being forced to stay home? No way. I was fulfilled by what I was doing as a travel photographer, and I look forward to getting back out into the world one day. Soon I hope. But man, what an opportunity to pivot, to stretch creatively, to try something new,” said Erin Sullivan.

creativity at its peak!