This luxury hotel in Chennai became a COVID-19 cluster

Chennai’s 5-star hotel the Leela Palace reported 20 staff members to be COVID-19 positive and it emerged as a COVID-19 cluster. This is the second luxury hotel that reported COVID-19 positive cases amongst staff.

The hotel management assured that all the necessary protocols were being followed and all the rules were in place. Tamil Nadu government soon ordered saturation tests for all members of the place and covered the costs of testing.

232 staff members were tested at the Leela palace and about 10 percent of them tested positive. Many staff members are directly employed at these hotels and 68 percent of staff members across hotels in Chennai were tested positive for coronavirus.

The hotels are being sensitized and a close eye is being kept on events and activities to make sure all the safety rules are being followed.

If you are planning a trip or a vacation, make sure to pick places with least number of cases. Avoid staying at hotels which are likely to be crowded. Make sure to follow all the safety precautions and practice social distancing.