This is how you can detect hidden cameras in hotels

You can never be too sure when you are traveling to new places and taking safety precautions from your end is important.

Many places ensure complete privacy but a few hotels and Airbnb have known to record their guests without their consent and that can turn into a sensitive situation.

It is a blatant invasion of privacy and the only way to keep yourself safe is by staying alert.

You can stay safe by making sure there are no cameras installed in rooms you are staying in by keeping the following things in mind.

  • Check your surroundings well after you check-in. Check the walls, electric outlets, and lamps for any questionable devices.
  • Scan the room for any lights that may be blinking. If you see them prominently, ask the staff what is it for.
  • Use your phone to make a call in places you have a doubt. The radiofrequency may make the call drop.
  • Check the mirrors of your room. Put a finger on the mirror and observe if there is a gap between the finger and reflection.

Here are some ways to detect cameras in your room. There are high chances that you might not find anything but in case you do, make sure to report it and warn your friends and family.

If you are going to a completely new place, book only the trusted hotels and use credible websites to do it.