Things You Should Avoid Doing in Dubai

Dubai is famous among travelers and is also one of the best places to enjoy thrilling activities with picturesque views. There are a lot of things we might find casual but when traveling to foreign destinations, one needs to know that not all that we do in our country is acceptable everywhere. So, here are the things that you need to keep in mind and avoid while traveling to Dubai:

No drinking in public


You can be penalized for being drunk in public and even for drinking in public. You can be fined or even imprisoned. It is advised to drink only at the bars or at home.

No cross-dressing please!

This country has a conservative community and dressing up as your opposite sex is not allowed. Around 40 people have been detained for cross-dressing in Dubai so you need to keep a check towards the same so that you do not humiliate the laws.

Possession of drugs can land you in jail

Not only in jail, but keeping drugs can even put you to death. One tourist has been sentenced four years in jail for the same.

PDA is not allowed


Public display of affection is not acceptable in Dubai. Holding hands is considered okay for married ones, but not kissing and hugging.

Using left hand to eat is considered unclean

In all Arab cultures using left hand for eating or for accepting something is considered unclean. For a left hander person, yes, it is very tough.

Criticizing Islam is punishable by law


Visiting and then criticizing a country that has Islam as its religion is not-fair. Here talking or doing any activity against Islam is punishable by law.

No Homosexuality

Homosexuality is illegal here. Though it is now legal in India but not everywhere. Different countries have different rules so keep that in mind.

No pictures without permission

No pictures without permission

Taking pictures without permission is not at all allowed, so do not try it. Do not try to click locals without their permission and especially women. Not only this, you are also not allowed to stare women, talk unnecessarily etc.