Things you CAN and CANNOT take from hotel rooms

Some people have a major myth that stealing from hotel is not wrong as they are paying for it. However hotels charge money for your luxury not for taking their things home. Staying in an expensive lodge does not mean you are free to pick anything and forget your ethics.

No doubt every hotel offers complementary stuff to their guests but going beyond that and keeping things quietly is too awkward and shameful. So, here we have listed down some such common things that you can and cannot pick from hotel rooms.

Items you can take:


Things like shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste, moisturizer, casual slippers, razor, paper, pen, leftover tea, milk and coffee packets in the beverage kit are something that you can always steal. All these items are particularly kept for an individual’s use and no hotel reuse them again. So, you can grab them without any hesitation.

Things you cannot take:

Source- The Straits Times

Items like towels, irons, glass bottles, mugs, wooden hangers, hairdryers, cable boxes, clock radios, blankets, sheets, electronics, paintings, ashtrays, TV remote controls, pillows, dressing gowns and mini bars are not allowed to take. Before thinking of packing anything in your luggage, ask the staff at least once because every hotel has different policies and, you never know for what they catch you.

Some international hotels are so strict with their policies that picking up such heavy items without asking is considered as a crime and, you can also be jailed for that. In fact, you can even get banned from booking a room in that hotel ever. So, next time no matter wherever you visit just keep in mind these things because, you never know for what they catch you.