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Things to do in Georgia

Georgia is one of the many affordable countries to travel to and offers many exciting adventures to any traveler who comes seeking it. Contrary to what people believe, Georgia is completely safe for travelers and you can enjoy your trip without having to worry (do read about their culture before arriving in Georgia).
Here are some things you must do on your trip to Georgia.

Visit Tbilisi

It is a charming old town which would be recommended by almost everyone. It is popular for its dynamic nightlife and affordable dining options ( in Europe). It is deemed as the best city to travel when in Georgia.

Head to Providence Canyon

Popularly known as Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon, it is the most picturesque landscape painted with colors like pink, purple, red and orange. You can also hike up and soak in the spectacular view.

Witness the Atlantic balloon the race

Bright, gigantic and colorful balloons take off from Helen mountain and it is splendid to see. The ballons race to cross interstate 95. If you have added this to your bucket list, make sure to plan a trip during the time of this fest.

Find a chance to have Supra

This traditional feast from Georgia is known to be lip-smacking but isn’t served commonly in restaurants. If you manage to make friends with locals, expect an invite from them and relish this meal if you get the chance.

Try Georgian Wine

Do not miss the high-quality wine of Georgia. The most famous spots aka vineyards are in Khatkhati.

Try the legendary Khachapuri

This cheesy baked bread with egg is one of the best things to try in Georgia. You can find it almost anywhere in Georgia so don’t miss any chance to gorge on some.