There is a Cartoon Network Hotel!

Every 90s kid’s dream has come true! There will be a place in the world where you can go and look back at all your favorite childhood memories.  Whether it was Courage the Cowardly Dog, Dexter’s Laboratory, Power puff Girls or the unforgettable Johnny Bravo, we loved coming straight to our TV from a long day at school and watch re-runs of the episodes of our favorite cartoons.

The time did change but who knew it would be for the better.  A cartoon Network Hotel is opening up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 2020 and the hotel is soon going to start taking bookings.

This hotel is designed around the theme of the iconic cartoons that we grew up watching.  There are cartoon themed guest rooms, suites, water parks, indoor pool and of course, a play area.

People will also be able to buy souvenirs from the store that will be opened on the same premises.

Apart from this, the CEO of Palace Entertainment is planning to make it an interactive experience for people who would come and stay in this hotel.

This hotel will also be partnering with Dutch Wonderland that is near their location and can avail discounts. The hotel room prices start from $289 and can go as up as $489.

Other details are yet to be revealed but the Hotel is planned to open up by June 2020. The inner-child in us is screaming and we can’t wait to book ourselves a room here and live our childhood dreams!