The world’s most livable cities – 2015

Livability of a city is decided on various aspects. Here we present livability index based on thirty factors broaden across five areas: Stability, infrastructure, education, health care and environment, the Most Livable Cities are:

Melbourne – Australia

No surprise why all the Chinese millionaires are buying real estate here. Amazing schools, pleasing climate, sturdy infrastructure, Melbourne is declared as the most livable place on the globe according to EIU. Melbourne has been named the world’s most livable city fifth time in a row. Undisputedly, it is the best place to live in, where you can find an excellent piece of art, architectural accompaniments, iconic music venues and so on.

Vienna, Austria

Number two is Vienna, Austria. The financial system has undergone bad times to some extent because of the European economic disaster. It’s a best place to live when you don’t want political drama. Vienna is a metropolis that seduces from the scrape. It’s as well ethnically and melodiously one of the richest cities in the world. It has a good sparkling mix of cool cafés and bars, shops, galleries and street markets.


Vancouver is divided into two parts, one is Hollywood and the other is Pacific Northwest beauty. Vancouver is No. 3 and is only outshined by the two cities mentioned above. This Canadian city had been ranked among the highest standing cities on the livability index for about a decade. It is now moved down to the graceful third place


Toronto is the fourth most livable city in the world. It is popularly known as the Dubai of North America, full of sky scrapers as far as an eye can spot. Toronto is a fun filled place with elegant restaurants, opera, theatres, art galleries and museums. There are plethoras of things to see and do. It is Canada’s financial hub. But after working hours, people exchange suits for shorts and move outside to have fun.

Adelaide, Australia

Out of 140 cities of the world, this one stands on number 5.  Adelaide certainly is the most graceful of all Australian cities with its tree-lined roads and magnificent Victorian parklands. It is home of various renowned museums. The soul of Australia is noted for its long beaches, churches, various festivals, sporting events etc.

Calgary, Canada

Calgary is the colder version of Adelaide. Sharing rank 5 with Adelaide, Calgary scores top on financial constancy but is poorer when it comes to environment and culture. This city is known particularly for its Wild West Stampede. Fun and festivals can be observed all the year round.


Sydney has a name for being stunning but naive. After having a closer look you’ll find that this city has a long and complex history. At the same time, it is ridiculously good looking. Golden beaches surrender to the waves of the Tasman Sea. This city celebrates Australia’s rich cultural diversity. Owing to the rich cultural heritage, there are more than 250 languages are spoken in Sydney other than English.

Perth – Australia

This Australian city has a different personality, formed by its outdoor loving citizens that not only adore the golden sparkling shores, but also the wonderful little eateries and slick wine bars that have been popping up over the past few years. It has plenty of Australia’s best beaches.

Auckland – New Zealand

Auckland is New Zealand’s harbour city. It is one of the few rarest cities in the world to have twin harbours and that too on two separate major bodies of water, i.e. Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean. It is well known as a cultural hub with trouble free access to various nature-based adventurous activities such as swimming on west coast beaches and hiking on the volcanic island of Rangitoto.

Helsinki – Finland

Helsinki is a city on the peak of a spanking self confidence, having the advantage of the warm feeling of its supremacy as World Design Capital and a proud centre of one of the Europe’s most affluent countries. From the peculiar couture of Marimekko to the modish masterpieces of Alvar Aalto, design is in its veins. Yet, it is also a city in touch with nature.

Zurich – Switzerland

More enticed by the twin beauty of Lausanne and Bern, Zurich has not constantly gained the attention of city breakers. It is often imaged as a hub for bureaucrats in grey and black and waist coated-bankers. But the Old Town, Lake Zurich and Grossmünster church in Switzerland’s prime city could give foes a jog for their Swiss Francs. Its financial competency denotes that it is a wealthy place with an efficient public transport system.