The Great Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury Festival is one of the most famous festivals in the world, most of the music lovers would have heard of it and it would be their dream to attend it, at least once. It offers amazing music. It is also known for the performing arts it portrays. It is held in the last week of June.

This festival has set an example for all the festivals that have come after it. But none of the other festivals can still compete with Glastonbury as this festival provides all the good points that any festival possibly can in an amazingly wonderful manner.

Visiting the Glastonbury for most involves a lot of travel. Due to this festival’s worldwide popularity it also means long queues. But as far as the experience goes, it’s worth it; and if you are a music enthusiast it’s worth much more.

After going through the tiring, long wait you are going to enter a new, magical, dreamlike world set up inside tents. It’s like a new place, a getaway of sort. It is a place to have a splendid time. This site is more like a new city and has different regions both in terms of geography and society. The commercial regions are in the vicinity of the Pyramid and other and Dance stages. These regions feel like a street of western London set up against a picturesque backdrop of a field.

This festival caters to a large variety of interest. If you are more of a family person and have kids along then there’s the kidz field and the Theatre and Circus fields.

If a busy buzz is not your thing there are areas like Jazzworld which would give you a comparatively calmer environment. You can also visit their acoustic areas. These areas are set at a walking distance from the main hub so as to not prove to be of any inconvenience.

If you are more of a nature, historian person then going to the Field of Avalon is the thing for you. At the top of this site is the Sacred Space.  It’s a place for all historians, it a place for sanctity, worship, symbolism and mythology. This is the rumoured grave of the great king Arthur. As the word has it, Joseph of Arimathea walked here.

The Tipi field is another aspect of Glastonbury festival life. It is the birthplace of Celtic Christianity. These places with torches, candles and chants are a heavenly abode.

As you may already have gathered the Glastonbury music festival hosts people from all different walks of life. This festival validates my hypotheses that love for music and art unifies religion, lifestyle, age, nationality. Music and your love for music is beyond a reality realm. Glastonbury festival gives you a chance to get absorbed in this realm.

This festival promises to cater to everybody’s needs offering everything from night time cinema to the hugest, coolest music gigs. This amazingly wild and free place provides a friendly atmosphere where you can freely immerse yourself in music. Whether you come with a planned itinerary, a preconceived notion or a blank mind ,this place is guaranteed to leave you surprised, its going to give you an experience you have never had before. This festival has just one rule and that is to not follow any rule as long as you are not hurting someone you should just enjoy.