The future of eating out during COVID-19

The restaurants around the world are gearing up for the post-coronavirus world and are ensuring all the safety measures are taken to retain customers. Apart from telling people to take necessary precautions, restaurants are going one step further and making changes in their dining areas.  

The restaurants that have already opened up are monitoring the temperature of customers, placing mannequins on the tables, and are even supplying pool noodle hats to ensure social distancing. Here is how they are embracing changes and are coming up with creative methods to keep a safe distance between their customers.   

Separated greenhouses will ensure each table is at appropriate distances

One restaurant in Sweden has decided to stick to serving one table a day

A restaurant in Australia added cutouts to tables to make customers feel comfortable

A restaurant in Thailand sat pandas in tables so that customers don’t feel lonely

Glass intersects have been introduced in restaurants in Japan

A restaurant in Germany decided to add dolls to the tables

A restaurant came up with the idea of bumper tables to ensure social distancing and to make bar experience fun during these times.

Plastic barriers have been introduced in a restaurant in Thailand.

Which approach do you think is the best?