The curse of Kuldhara: Haunted Village in Rajasthan

About 17 Km from Jaisalmer there is a ghost village named Kuldhara. The story of Kuldhara is one of the weirdest, the village which was a prosperous town a few centuries ago, is now the abandoned village. In 1921, Paliwal Brahmins used to live in Kuldhara. It is a very small village with a big story.


This place gives a deserted look; there are mud houses without rooftop and with ruined walls. The village is barren with no villagers living there, they all left centuries ago. All this started, during the time when Salim Singh was the Diwan of Jaisalmer, One day he saw the daughter of village chief and wanted to marry her, he was totally mad for her, and declared that he will marry her, without even asking the girl and gave a deadline to chief, after the deadline he will enter the village and take their daughter. And he threatened all the villagers that if anyone comes in his way he will levy extra taxes on them and will do whatever he wishes to.


Rather than serving his demands, the villagers decided to leave the village, one night 83 villagers vanished in dark, but before going they cursed Kuldhara so that no one can ever settle there. Here comes the curse, the village is abandoned; no one has been able to spend even a night there.


No one saw thousands of people going out. There is no information where did the Paliwals go. The curse is still true, the town is barren. Nobody knows where they went, it is assumed that they settled in another village in Rajasthan, but nobody saw them.


There can be few reasons because of which the villagers and the minister left the village. The taxes imposed on them were very high; the minister did not want her daughter to get married to the king. The mystery is where did the villagers go? How can all the people vanish in one single night? Did they leave?

After the sunset, the doors of Kuldhara are closed by the people of the neighboring village; It is believed that ghosts still haunts Kuldhara. There is a sudden breeze in the area. There are no ghosts, just the mystery of the people who vanished.