The ancient capital of Gujarat; Champaner

Champaner, located in the Indian state of Gujarat, is a very popular historical city. The city is sited in the Panchmahal district, in western India. Chanpaner was also Gujarat’s capital for a short period of time. Here, you can see three rampart; the base which is called the Champaner, the top which is called the Pavagadh and then there is Machi that connects both of them together.
The first place a tourist should visit here is the Champaner- Pavagadh Archaeological Park. The park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site is full of forts which start from the hill of Pavagadh and go into the city of Champaner. The popular Champaner Fort or citadel is also located in this complex. It was a royal inclusion of Muhammad Begara. Towards the North- west of the fort, there is a lake called the VadaTala. The park’s complex also includes historic, archaeological and living cultural monuments. These include chalcolithic locations, remains of the 16th century capital of Gujarat and a hill fort of an early Hindu capital.This complex can help you understand the history of Champaner.

Pavagadh Archaeological Park
Champaner also has a high religious value attached to it. People from all around the world come here to visit its beautiful temples and mosques. The most significant mosque people visit is Jami Masjid. It is a large and intact mosque which is beautifully ornamentedon every Friday. Jami Masjid is the perfect illustration of Sultanate architecture in Gujarat. The mosque is an impressive building which is placed on a high platform.It has two 30 meters tall minarets, 172 pillars and about 7 mihrabs. The oriel windows give the mosque a little Gujarati touch.Jami Masjid took about 125 years to complete with stunning carvings at the entrance and courtyard. There is also a lake called Hauz- i- Vazu, behind the building, which is used for washing of hands and feet before the prayer.

Jami Masjid
There are two very important as well as religiously popular temples in the city. First you must visit the Kalika Mata Temple. This temple is located on the highest point of the Pavagadh hill. It is devoted to Goddess Kali and holds a religious value to the Hindu pilgrimage who come here to pray to the Goddess. The temple sees about a million visitors each year.

Kalika Mata Temple
Then there is the Lakulish Temple. This temple is located at Chhashia Talv. Here you can come across some magnificent sculptures that depict various forms of Lord Shiva, like Ardhanarishvara, Kalyanasundaramurti and Dakshinamurti. According to legends, Lakulish was considered as the 28th and the last avatar of Lord Shiva.

Lakulish Temple
Last but not the least is the Jambughoda Palace.It is situated about 25 kms away from the city of Champaner. This ex- princely state was turned into a wildlife sanctuary in the year of 1992. It covers an area of about 130 square kms which have beautiful greenery and lavish countryside. It is paradise for nature lovers and can help you escape the chaos of the city.
This historic city can make you fall in love with its rich and fascinating past. It is the perfect destination to go with friends, family or a large group.