The adobe of clouds: Meghalaya

The adobe of clouds: Meghalaya

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Situated in the northeastern region of India, Meghalaya is one of the most beautiful and cleanest states in the country. Because of having a wide range of natural beauty, this state is one of the most visited tourist destination. It is also the region that witnesses maximum amount of rainfall compared to any other place in the world. As you know everything that happens has its pros and cons. Due to heavy rainfall Meghalaya has lush green forests, but on the other hand there is also huge amount of land erosion.


The locals here belong to three cultural communities, the Khasis, the Garos and the Jaintias. All three have one thing is common and that is, they take the family heritage from their maternal side. The people are very hospitable and friendly.

There are a many things to do on a trip to Meghalaya. Here is a list of offbeat places where you can enjoy and make your trip memorable.

First you must visit the capital city of Meghalaya, Shillong. It is the commercial headquarters, therefore,is well connected to other cities by road. Here you can enjoy boating in the UmiamLake which is situated about 16kms away from Shillong. The water is crystal clear and clean. Not only boating, but you can also try sailing, water-skiing and rowing. You can also experience rappelling at the most astonishing waterfall called the Elephant Falls. Other activities that one might try here are waterfall hopping, river rafting, horse riding, and many more.

Elephant Falls

50kms away from Shillong is your next stop. It is Cherrapunji also known as Sohra or Churra. This is the place which receives rainfall all-round the year. This makes it a desirable place which can be visited in all 12 months. The most famous place in this city is the Living Root Bridges.It is basically huge and thick roots which are amalgamated together and form a bridge, which is walked by a lot of tourists. Some of the roots are more than 100 feet long. It took about 15 years to be strongly formed. With this you can also visit two beautiful waterfalls called Seven Sister Falls and Nohkalilai Falls which can make you fall in love with them.

Nohkalilai Falls

Then comes one of the largest towns in Meghalaya, known as Tura. It is a valley that is located below the Tura peak and at the foothills of the Tura Hills. The most popular place to visit here is the Tura Peak. It is situated at the height of 873 meters above sea level.Tourists can reach the top by following the foot trails made by the Deputy Commissioner. From the top, you can get a beautiful and wide view of the neighboring country, Bangladesh. You can also see the astonishing Brahmaputra Valley from the peak. You can also visit the Nokrek National Park and see the Pelga Falls.

Pelga Falls

Meghalaya, also called the ‘Scotland of India’ can be visited all-round the year.It is destination that can leave you spell bound and refreshed. The natural beauty of the place speaks for itself and lures tourists from different countries.


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