Thaipo: Bigger version of momos

Years ago, when I visited North East India I found a unique food item, Thaipo. It looks like a bigger version of momos, but tastes a little different. It is also known as hypo, thaipo or typo, it is a giant form of momos, approximately thrice the size of a normal one. It is available in Sikkim. After spotting it on a local cart, I tried it and it was delicious. Scroll down below to know more about it: 

If you finish one plate of momos by yourself, and still crave for them then you can have one Thaipo. 

Difference between Thaipo and momos: 

Thaipo is so big that it looks like a combination of five momos. It is similar to steamed momos, but there are two major differences, one in the structure and the other in ingredients. Thaipo has a flat bottom, which momos don’t and baking soda is used in its dough to make it soft and spongy. 

And the size is the visible difference, one thaipo is enough to fill your hungry tummy. It is also served with spicy red chili and garlic chutney. 

Famous street food:

Thaipos are just limited to North Eastern parts of India and they are very famous street food there. They are famous among students. Some prefer to have it for breakfast or some for a perfect meal. They are steamed, juicy, and full of vegetables, meat, and eggs. 

Origin of the dish:

It is basically a Tibetan delicacy. After the shift of Tibetans in the Northeast belt, a number of restaurants started serving Tibetan delicacies including Thaipo. You’ll find thaipo with various kinds of fillings and all the Nepali, Bhutia, and Lepcha people living in the region, have their own version (fillings) of it.

I was not able to finish one thaipo alone! So the next time you travel to the gorgeous north-east of India, make sure you go beyond momos and enjoy a thaipo.