Terrifying creatures from the depths of oceans!

The ocean supports marine life even in the depths that humans are yet to explore. Many sea creatures have adapted to extreme environments and that has influenced their appearance and survival skills. 

These appearances have taken thousands of years to form and their predatory nature is a threat to many other living creatures in the sea. Some of these creatures have even retained their primitive look. Here are some creatures that live deep in the ocean and look terrifying!

Frilled Shark

This creature grows up to 7 feet long and mainly preys on squids.

Faceless Cusk Eel 

It lives 13, 000 ft below the water surface and has a protrusible mouth.

Goblin Shark

They have 50 teeth in their mouth and are a rare species.

Vampire Squid

It is also known as vampire squid from hell and feeds on decaying organic matter in the ocean.

Angler Fish

It preys on other creatures with its bioluminescent extension on the head and lives in the bottom of Atlantic and Antarctic Oceans.

Ghoulish Chimaera

This species has been around for over a million years and lives in temperate to cold water zones.

Barreleye Fish

They are also known as spook fish and are extremely light-sensitive with their tubular eyes.

Bougainvillia superciliaris

These are bioluminescent sea creatures and they eat through filter-feeding.

Which creature looks most terrifying to you?