Tadoba National Park: one of its kind

India’s one of the oldest National Park, Tadoba lies in Chandrapur district of, Maharashtra. The national park is spread across an area of 1729 sq.km. It is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. The national park also has one of country’s 47 tiger reserve projects. The reserve is called the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve.

The story behind the reason as to why this name was given to the park is very interesting. Tadoba comes from the name Taru. He was the god of the people who lived in the tribal area of the forest. It is believed, that Taru was   the chief of the village. He was slayed while fighting a heroic battle with a tiger. The villagers built a shrine devoted to him. It is located near the lake of Tadoba. The word Andhari came from the Andhari River that streams through the forest.


In the course of the year 1935, poaching of animals was banned in the forest. After a few years, 116 sq. km area of the forest was recognized as a national park. In 1986 the Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary was built on a different land of the same forest. A few more years down the lane, the sanctuary and the park were collectively put together to be acknowledged as India’s 41st Tiger reserves.

The flora of the national park includes very rare species of bamboo and teak trees. Other trees that can be found in the forest are hald, bel, shivan, bija, hidra, Arjun, butea and many more. You can also come across a very different species of trees called the Axlewood Anogeissus Latifolia which have flame resistant characteristics.

Tadoba Tiger

The main attractions of the national park are the tigers. There are about 47 tigers that live here, giving it the title of “The Land of Tigers’. The famous Bengal tigers are also found residing in the reserves. The ratels, wild pigs, leopards, flying squirrels, etc are amongst the long list of other animals that are found here.

The national park is open for tourists from October to June every year. But the best time to visit the park  is from February – May. During this period blue bulls, tigers, and many other species are spotted in  large numbers. The park caters to the people throughout the week. To see the best of the wildlife and explore the forest, they provide you with Safari services. There are two batches that run. One in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Besides the wildlife, the park also has the St. Michael Church, Ayyappa and a durga temple that attracts visitors.

Tadoba Resort

Options for accommodation in the park are very limited. A few hotels that promise a cozy stay are the Seral Tiger Camp and Tiger Trails Jungle Eco Lodge. The park is accessible through all three mode of transportation. By air, Nagpur has the nearest airport. You can also  board the trains from Nagpur or Chandrapur. If travelling from bus then the nearest stop is Chandrapur or Chimur.

Tadoba attracts a lot of people every year. It has   lush green trees and fascinating species of animals that just catch your eye. It is an ideal destination for people who want to see this great show put up by Mother Nature.