Surreal travel videos that will make you forget that you are stuck at home

To prevent the spread of coronavirus, it is important to maintain social distancing right now. We all are stuck in our homes and sick of sending days on couch and bed. The one thing that all of us are missing the most is traveling to different places. Unfortunately, traveling is not allowed during this pandemic.

All we can do these days is to entertain ourselves and get distracted from the fact that we are stuck at home.

Even though we can’t travel right now but we have found some mesmerizing videos that will make you forget that you are trapped at home:

Check out the videos below:

•    This wonderful villa in the Maldives

•   Floating breakfast

•    Eiffel tower

I want to fly there ASAP

Wohhoo what is fear of height?

oh that princess feels !

Some Fresh air

Lovely sunsets

Singapore airport–3S5gnJo/