Street Food vs. High Rated Restaurant, Which One is Better?

Do you travel a lot? Must have been to many places, right? Seen the most beautiful architectures, enjoyed the most exotic views, had the time of your life sitting by the beach enjoying the waves splashing, rising and settling down. Done it all, have you? When you travel a lot nothing remains constant barring one thing, what is it? Well yeah, right. Food! Something you can’t do without, something you enquire about as soon as you reach your hotel, something you begin and end your day with, isn’t it? One of the most frequent dilemmas that people find themselves in is, where to eat? Have you found yourself in one ever?

Are you one of those who look for the online reviews of a restaurant to decide if you should visit it or not? Yes? So you like eating in a sophisticated atmosphere, enjoying the chill of the air conditioner, eating every bite of your meal with proper eating etiquettes. No matter which part of the world or your country you go to, you are specific about having your favorite continental dish, aren’t you? No doubt you must be having an amazing time munching what you like the most but doesn’t it get monotonous over time? Where’s the fun in eating the same kind of food in a similar environment wherever you go? Not saying you’re wrong but here’s a little hint to add the must required spice that your taste buds have been craving for.

When you go out to a new place, try and catch up with the local specialties of that area. The best part about travelling is that you get to know about an area, its traditions, its culture, the people there and their lifestyle. Food and eating habits of course form one of the most important parts of it; these change every 5kms you travel depending on the staple food, climate conditions and lifestyle of a particular place.

If you have been going to sophisticated restaurants all your life, you will never know the fun of stopping by a road side vendor and having paranthas and a hot cup of coffee on a rainy day. There is an all new sense of bliss when you pick up a hot roasted corn rubbed with salt and lemon from the roadside stall and much it on your way back home.

When you travel to a new state, the local cuisine prepared by the street vendor would be way better than the one offered by any high rated restaurant because it would have a little more of localness.

While you pay at least 500 rupees for a meal at a restaurant, here you would be overflowing with food in the same amount.  Not only is it pocket friendly but it is also far more delicious. You may not get a proper table to sit and eat, neither will there be an AC to lower the room temperature but there indeed is fun and when will you enjoy the discomfort if not now? Of course hygiene is an important issue, make sure you choose to eat from a vendor who prioritizes hygiene while cooking and serving.

Drop by a local vendor sometime soon and enjoy the feel of street food sometime.

Happy Eating!