Strange Traditions of India

On the name of traditions, there are many evil practices taking place in many parts of the world. India is a country where spiritualism is believed a lot and many times the so-called followers turn the normal rituals into an evil for the society and make people believe it on the name of god. Here we bring some strange traditions still prevalent, which are frightening and should be demolished from roots. Have a look.

Marrying to animals and trees

This ritual was mainly performed in Jharkhand and is still performed in many parts of India. People here believe a lot in spirits and superstitions and this ritual is a living example of that. It is believed that some women have ‘mangal dosh’so if they marry, their husband’s life would be in danger. Thus, she is married to an animal or tree first to remove that curse from her.

Strange Traditions of India
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Marriage of frogs for rain

Practiced mostly in Nagpur and Jamshedpur in India, this ritual is to bring rain. These places always run short of rainfall, so two frogs from ponds are brought to the temple and married to please the god of rains.

Strange Traditions of India
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Burying child up to neck

The heading is strange in itself! People of Mominpur in Gulbarga bury their children deep till neck in mud as they believe that this would cure the child’s mental and physical disabilities.

Strange Traditions of India
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This is one of the most demeaning rituals of India where a woman is married on the basis of the amount given by her parents to the groom. Actually, it is not giving but, buying the groom! This not only demeans marriage as it leaves it to be a nightmare for those parents who are not financially stable. It also leads to girls being tortured for dowry even after marriage while many commit suicide when they have no option left.

Strange Traditions of India
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Child marriage

The legal age of a girl to be married in India is 18 and that of a boy is 21, but still, there are many who are married as children not even knowing what exactly marriage means.

Strange Traditions of India
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Baby Dropping

One of the most frightening rituals practiced in India’s Karnataka and Maharashtra is baby tossing. Prevalent for about 700 years this ritual is performed on children even less than two years where they are dropped from a height of about 50 feet with people standing below to catch the baby. This dangerous ritual is practiced saying this would bring good luck for the child being thrown.

Mother banned from wedding

In many parts of the country, there are still mothers of the groom who are banned from participating in their son’s marriage. Only male members of the family are allowed to attend and witness the wedding ceremony.