Spice Mas Carnival

Spice Mas Carnival

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As the name suggests, Spice Mas Carnival is a multi-day celebration which combines frolic, entertainment and music. It is among Grenada’s biggest annual festivals and features many events. If we turn the pages of history, one can easily discover a specific feature of Grenadaiam society, which is that it has always been a society which rebelled against the establishment. This very spirit is also the essence of Spice Mas Carnival, which unlike other carnivals that are traditionally a celebration of Lent, marks a celebration of independence.

Costumes and music are the two very important components of Spice Mas Carnival. In fact, each parish features its own brand of traditional costume or ‘mas’. Though the carnival itself is in either July or August, many festivities start earlier and lead up to the main event. The three main events of Spice Mas are J’Ouvert, Pageant Mas and the Final Mas.

Important Information:

• Dates: Around the Emancipation commemoration dates in August

• Location: Streets of St George’s

Tips For Your Trip

• When attending J’Ouvert, ensure that you wear clothing that you don’t intend to wear again or don’t mind getting ruined. This is because the colors and oil of the dancers are hard to wash off.

• If you’re interested in participating in the Annual Road March King Competition, keep your ears open for the same song which is replayed throughout the day.

• The festivities continue over a period of 3-4 days. So ensure that you get adequate rest so that you can fully enjoy each day of the carnival to the fullest.


As far as accessing Grenada is concerned, that is not a problem as it is well connected via flight to all the major cities of the world. Spice Mas Carnival is usually in the month of August. Though there is no dearth of accommodation options in St George, it tends to get crowded during the carnival. So visitors are advised to book their hotels beforehand, in order to avoid any last minute glitches.

In And Around The Festival

• There are many events in the days leading up to the big celebrations. Some of the important ones are Rainbow City Festival, National Calypso Monarch Competition, National Stadium, National Queen Show, SMC/LIME Soca Monarch Competition among others.

• J’Ouvert, which begins in the wee hours of the morning, officially kicks off the Spice Mas Carnival. It combines elements from Grenadian, African, European history, which are expressed through dance, masks and chants. The Jab Jab dancers dance to the Ole Mas band’s music, spreading their colors onto bystanders as they go.

• Pageant Mas: Also known as “Fancy Mas”, begins in the morning hours. This is the day when dancers make their way to St. George’s from their own parishes, leaving a trail of powder in their wake. Each Parish has its own style of traditional Mas including Short Knees, Vekou, and Wild Indians.

• Street Jump-Up of Monday Night Mas: The party gets to another level with partiers mingling with each other, waving glowsticks and dancing through the streets.

• Tuesday’s Mas: This is the final day of Spice Mas Carnival, when the bands parade through the streets of St. George’s.The event concludes with one last jump-up with street bands.

For a fun filled Grenadaian vacation, plan your trip around the Spice Mas Carnival!


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