Soothing Srilanka

The island country of Sri Lanka is a treasure trove of rich history and wonderful picturesque beaches. One of the very few countries with as many as eight UNESCO World Heritage sites, this island country will continue bedazzle tourists with the blueness of its sees and the calmness of its white beaches.

The country has a rich Buddhist heritage and even though the country may be marred by the 30 years of civil war, it still makes for a great tourist destination. Officially known as the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, it is located in the Indian Ocean, southwest of the Bay of Bengal.

Sinhalese is the main language spoken in Sri Lanka, with a small part of the population speaking Tamil. The currency of Sri Lanka is Sri Lankan rupee and one Sri Lankan Rupee is equal to 0.46 Indian rupees.

The exquisite beaches of Sri Lanka are a must visit. The most popular beach among tourists is the Negombo beach. Just 35 kilometres from Colombo and 6 kilometres from the main airport, its beauty and surrounding hotels are mainly responsible for its popularity. The Tangalla beach is one of the truly wonderful beaches of Sri Lanka. Lapped by lazy azure waters, the Tangalla beach is the picture perfect romantic spot. The Mirissa beach is another favourite of the visitors. It is the kind of beach where one can kick back and truly relax. Other popular beaches include Arugam bay, Bentota beach and the Unawatuna beach. Sri Lanka truly is nirvana for beach lovers.

Sri Lanka has many wonderful outdoor sights. The Victoria Park of NuwaraEliya truly comes alive with flowers and is a great place to spend a quiet evening with your better half after a long day of sightseeing.The city of NuwaraEliya is full of wonderful sights. Nicknames “Little England”, it is adorned with picturesque landscape and temperate climate. If you plan to see the exotic creatures of this amazing place then the UdaWalawe National Park and Udawattakelle sanctuary are the places to visit. Another interesting place to visit is Anuraadhapura. Now a UNESCO World Heritage site, it is famous for its well preserved ruins of ancient Sri Lankan civilization. It is also one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world.

The cuisines of Sri Lanka draw inspiration from South India and the colonial powers that were involved in Sri Lanka. The staple meals usually consist of boiled or steamed rice with curry of fish, chicken, pork or mutton. Sambol is a popular side dish, the most popular one being coconut sambol made of ground coconut mixed with chilli, pepper, dried Maldive fish and lime juice. Other delicacies include kiribath, Aappa, Lamprias, Koola’ya and Pittu.

Sri Lanka has a tropical climate. December to March is the peak tourist season and possibly the best time to visit as it is the driest period.

This beautiful island country guarantees a soothing environment for you to relax.