Singapore: A Chic Metropolitan Honeymoon Destination

Just got married, want to take your beloved on a journey that both of you would cherish in times to come? Singapore could be ‘The Place’ for you. The amazing backdrop, beautiful aura, a city which is fast paced yet serene and this place could give you some lovely memories and moments that would linger on forever and would bring smiles now and then.

The ‘island country’ located in the south-east Asia is often called the ‘Garden City’ owing to the greenery that is found here. If you’re a nature lover, then this place has a lot of you. Singapore consists of 63 islands, the Straits of Johor separates it from Malaysia in the north and in the south, Singapore Strait separates it from Indonesia’s Riau Islands. This densely populated nation has no single dominated culture; it is, in fact its diversified population that adds to the beauty of this nation.

Once here let yourself free, go around and discover!

Botanic Gardens- heaven for nature lovers, you could drop in as early as 5 in the morning or late as midnight, this place will bring you closer to nature and give you moments to appreciate things gifted to us by God.

If you and your spouse share the love for art and aesthetics, Ritz Carlton and China Town Heritage Centre should top your list. You’d get to witness some marvelous pieces of art and a glimpse of the glorious history of Singapore in both these places respectively.

Marina Bay is going to add glitter and love to your most beautiful phase, this is a 55 storey resort, connected by a sky terrace on the roof called the sand sky park. Here, you’d find an integration of hotels, casino, shopping malls, and museum. Also, it gives space to the world’s longest elevated swimming pool, situated at 191 metres above the ground. The view and the feel that you would experience while enjoying the sun and water here, would equate an invaluable experience

When in Singapore, you must not miss Sentosa, this is a separate island whose name translates to ‘peace and tranquility’ and without a doubt, the place doesn’t ditch its meaning. The view is exotic and the atmosphere is serene. You could board a cable car or causeway which originates from Mount Faber to reach this place. Once here, there’s a lot for you too see, the tiger sky tower, the butterfly and insect kingdom, Underwater world and Dolphin lagoon, just to name a few.

The Haji Lane is the shopper’s paradise, you could pamper your wife the most here by presenting to her a plethora of choices for fashion accessories and cosmetics. The latest and trendiest collections can be found here and you wouldn’t have to travel a lot. She’d be the happiest to visit the place.

The Singapore flyer is another attraction to the tourists, it is known as Singapore’s answer to the London’s eye.  By far it is known as the world’s tallest Ferris wheel.

While in the middle of your stay if you suddenly begin to feel homesick, you could head towards ‘Little India”, situated to the east of the Singapore River, this place looks predominantly dominated by Tamil culture. But it doesn’t fail to give you the feel of being at home. You could find temples, mosques and gurudwaras and the best Indian delicacies, and clothing here.

Located within the larger district of Outram, Chinatown reflects ethnic Chinese culture and narrates the history of their forefathers. Given the history, beauty and rich culture associated with this place, China Town makes it to the list of tourist attraction in the country.

CLIMATE –  situated a degree and a half above the equator, Singapore is warm and humid almost throughout the year, the downpour is so common that it may rain almost every day but it doesn’t mostly rain continuously and end up in an hour. There are no distinct seasons apart from the monsoon falling in January. You could visit the country anytime throughout the year, just make sure you carry an umbrella to save you from shower and sun and you’d be sorted.

Singapore’s currency is the Singapore dollar, the country is quite expensive compared to the Asian standards, 1 Singaporean dollar equals to 43.67 Indian rupees. But it is indeed a place worth spending for. It is well organized, connected and equipped with the best of almost everything.  Accommodation is a little expensive affair but you could take up hostels and tie up with agents to find your way to a pocket-friendly place.

Singapore has a lot of good quality and a wide range of variety of cuisines to offer. Chinese, Malay, Indian, Thai, American. Name it and get it. Peranakan, which a combination of Malay and Chinese is the specialty of the country.

Honeymoon is the most thought of and dreamt of the time, post wedding, you ought to make it special for your special one. Singapore would do the magic of setting an amazing backdrop of beautiful landscape to your most cherished set of memories. Visit the city and celebrate love!