Shopping Abroad? best products to buy

Is shopping abroad getting all too confusing? Here’s a list of things that people back home would love! 

Are you on vacation and looking for something to take home? Maybe you’re just in search for something memorable as keepsake from your trip? Here are a few tips about what you should buy and how you should go about it!

Local Clothes – Don’t just go for the same old branded t-shirts and an, “I Love NYC,” cliched top. Find something truly unique that speaks of the locations local art and handicrafts. For example, if you’re traveling to India, you might wanna pick up a kurta or a tie and die shirt! If you’re roaming through Ireland, get their local rugby jersey! Follow the locals and find out where they show to get the best deals.

Local Bookstores – Books make for an excellent gift or if you’re an avid reader yourself, you’ll love picking up a book on the locations local history or a piece of fiction written by one of its many residents. Nothing can provide as much insight and color of culture as something that’s originally based from it’s home location! Making use of a good bookstore is something that everyone should do at least once in every city!

Sarongs – You find them almost everywhere and you can use them for almost anything! They come in a whole wide range of prices and quality but they are by far one of the most useful garments that a person can own. Once you get bored of wearing them at the beach, you can always turn them in skirts or of stitch it into a sassy holiday t-shirt. If you’re a practical kind of person, then you can even use your sarongs as table cloths, shower curtains or even picnic throws!

Beads – Kids love beads! Whether you buy them loose or already strung, they’re the most reasonable and fun souvenir to give out! If you have creative friends who’re always working on little projects, then this is how you’re going to win their hearts! The best thing about buying beads is that they don’t weigh down your luggage.

Home Decor Items – Every country or city has their own folk art that they practice. For some it’s pottery, while for others in weaving and some even specialize in crystals. You can pick some plates, table linen or hand woven baskets to give back when you get home or even buy them for yourself! They’re a practical gift that anyone is going to love! The truly unique aspect of this gift is that when you take it back home, there’s an absolute guarantee that your gift is one of a kind in your neighborhood.

Bandannas – If you’re traveling in the summer, then you should pick up a bunch on the very first day! Bandannas are usually very reasonably priced and add a whole variety of colors to your ensemble when you’re traveling. They’re excellent to decorate your kids bedrooms and easy to maintain. You just have to run them to through water and they’ll be dry within a few minutes. The functionality of a bandanna ranges from tying your hair back to having a washcloth. These funky little accessories come in useful for every situation.

Yum Yums – Who doesn’t love chocolate? Whether you’re 4 or 40, chocolate is the ultimate weakness of any human. When you’re traveling abroad you can get all kinds of fancy chocolates for a steal at the duty free shops. If don’t know what your relatives like or dislike, chocolates are a safe option to go for not to mention absolutely delicious!

Regardless of what you end up buying when you’re shopping abroad there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Haggle Haggle Haggle – If you love to shop you know important a good bargain is! Wandering through the local bazaars, if you find something that you like, make sure that you haggle over the price and get a good deal!

Research – Make use of the wealth of knowledge that’s available at your fingertips through the internet. Look up reviews from other travelers and local hot spots for bargain hunting so that you have access to some of best places in the city or town.

Patience – Patience is key. Take your time while shopping around. Don’t just pick up the first thing that catches your fancy, instead look around, see what other thing are available and the different prices from shop to shop.

If you follow the tips and guidelines here you’re sure to have a wonderful shopping experience. Have fun bargain hunting!