Shimla’s Water Crisis Proves We Need Responsible Tourism

Let’s stop traveling to hill stations this summer, check out the reason:

Indian hill stations provide a joyful experience whenever visited, maybe this is the reason that so many people throng the hill stations in summer vacations. Around the month of May-June a heavy amount of people visits hilly areas of the country. But remember, every action has a reaction; this large tourist number in return is harming the natural places because of the damages and waste caused by people. This year the problem has risen and gone up to the level that some places in Himachal Pradesh are going through the state of the water crisis.

Shimla is one of the most visited places in the hilly area of Himachal Pradesh, every year thousands of people visit the state. But as a poor case of repercussions of over utilizing natural resources Shimla is facing the worst water crisis ever. The water supply has fallen to 22 MLD this summer as compared to the normal availability of 42 MLDs. All the schools, offices, hospitals, hotels, shops and residents are facing the same problem.

Over utilizing anything means calling a worse situation, the heavy tourist flow in summers not only put pressure on water sources but pushes the cities towards a massive water crisis. Visiting a place in an amount double than its own population will obviously cause problems for the people of the state. This situation has led some of the residents to leave the state and the hotels are canceling their booking for the season.

This water crisis case is a great example of how we do promote India Tourism but we don’t have responsible people to manage it.  It has been observed that there was no scarcity of water in hill states, but it was poor management that led to the shortage of drinking water year after year. The way overloading restaurant results in the shortage of food, overloading hill stations can also result in the scarcity of natural necessities.

As travelers what we can do to help is to stop visiting hill station for quite some time and give them their time to heal and get back to normal situation. So if you are planning a getaway to hill stations, we would suggest you cancel it. Not only you will increase the numbers of tourists but this small move will ensure that the resources get back in shape and the local receive them. The only way to help the states heal is not to add more pressure on them. So don’t travel to mountains and help them restore their water levels.

Also be a responsible tourist by not littering, not wasting water and importantly treating the place as your own. If we do not start becoming responsible travelers we will end up killing the most pretty places in our own country.