Being Aware is the Key to Dismiss Sexual Assault Abroad

Sexual assault is a horrible experience for anyone to be subjected to, especially when you’re away from home and traveling overseas on what you hoped was going to be a vacation. Most overseas endeavours go smoothly and tourists are allowed to roam about undisturbed, but it’s always better to be safe than to be sorry, so here are a few tips to keep yourself out of trouble.

Be Aware: You can avoid sexual assault but just tuning into your surroundings. Move away if you think that someone or something around you isn’t behaving as they should. Be cautious and pay attention to yourself if you sense that something is wrong. One of the most common errors that are committing are that people often walk around with both their headphones plugged in. It’s okay that you want to listen to music, but keep one ear free to listen to what’s going on around you as well.

Know Your Limits: When you’re traveling overseas on vacation it’s very natural you want to have some fun, but that doesn’t feel that you should compromise on what you feel is right. Respect yourself and make your limits clear.

Be Assertive: Communication is key. If you feel as though someone is being to forceful or offending you, tell him/her no as soon as you realize that what they’re doing isn’t right. Be firm, assertive and polite. Don’t be swayed and clearly indicate that “No” means, “No.”

Dress Comfortable: Wear whatever you think is right but make sure that it doesn’t restrict your moment. If a situation were to ever occur, you want be in a situation where you can fight back or run if needed. In some countries, the dress code is a little more conservative, so adhere the social norm rather than attract unwelcome attention.

Don’t Indulge Excessively: A lot of sexual assaults occur when the victim is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Don’t let partying interfere with your communication skills, logical reasoning and clear thinking. When at any event, don’t leave your drink or food unattended. If you find that you had misplaced your drink, buy a new one. It’s better to spend a couple of extra bucks than be a victim of a tragedy that could effect you for the rest of your life.

Avoid Isolation: Don’t wander down streets that seem empty or threatning. It’s harder to get help if there’s no one else around. It’s best to avoid areas that aren’t very well lit as well. Also, don’t leave yourself alone with someone that you don’t know very well or someone that you don’t trust. When shopping, don’t go into the backroom of shops no matter what any salesperson says.

Be prepared: While traveling overseas make sure you pack your valuables and hefty luggage separately. It’s best if you don’t roam around with anything heavy to begin with, but if you must, in case of a dangerous situation, ditch the bags and protect yourself. Keeping your valuables and important documents separate will ensure that you don’t anything that’s of too much significance. Also, ensure that your phone is charged at all times and that you a minimum about of cab money on you.

Stranger Danger: This goes without saying, but sometimes the most obvious facts are ignored, so, don’t accept invitations from people that you don’t know. It’s good to make new friends and meet new people, but maintain a level of distance and avoid being isolated with people that you’ve just met.

Just Act: Even if you’re lost and you don’t what street on, act as though you know where you’re going, especially if this is in an area where it doesn’t look too safe. Find a public place or the main road to ask for directions.

When in Danger: If you find yourself in a risky situation the first thing to do is consider your options and safety. Say no firmly, the time for being polite or friendly has passed. Scream as loud as you can and mention the word, “rape.” This will alarm the rapist if he/she is unaware of just how aggressive he/she is being and also catch the attention of anyone in the vicinity to come to your aid.

It’s important to know that though there is no justification for rape or sexual assault, there’s always safety in numbers. Avoid traveling all on your own and in case you do, make sure that at least one person knows about your where abouts at all times.