Scintillating Stockholm

The word Stockholm is made of two phrases, ‘stock’ and ‘holm’. While ‘stock’ means log in Swedish, ‘holm’ means islet and sources suggest that it refers to the islet Helge and sholmen in central Stockholm. The capital city of Sweden, Stockholm is made up of 14 islands connected by some 50 bridges on Lake Mälaren. The seat of the Government of Sweden and most government agencies, it is said that the city was founded by Birger Jarl to protect Sweden from a sea invasion by foreign natives. The earliest written mention of the Stockholm dates to the thirteenth century.Today, the Swedish capital is home to three UNESCO World Heritage sites namely Birka, Drottningholm, and the Woodland Cemetery.


The climate of Stockholm can be classified as humid continental climate. Broadly, Stockholm enjoys fairly mild temperatures throughout the year. Throughout the summer, the average daily temperatures go upto 20-25°C.July and August are the wettest months of the city.In the winter months, from December through early March, average daily temperatures fall between -3 and 3°C. Autumn tends to be rather cool and often rainy.Snowfall can occur from late November to early April.Due to the city’s northerly latitude, daylight varies widely in this region.

How To Reach

There are numerous options available to access Stockholm. The Arlandais the main international airport of Stockholm, which is well connected with the rest of the world. For those who prefer travelling by train, the main station, Stockholms Central, serves both commuter and long-distance routes. In fact, there are daily services from Copenhagen and Oslo to Stockholm. A few buses also connect to Stockholm.

Places To Visit

  • Gamla Stan: Dating from the 1200’s, Gamla Stan is the best place to instantly absorb the feel of Stockholm. Stockholm Cathedral, the Nobel Museum and the Royal Palace are all located here. The old town is ideal to explore on foot and you can buy souvenirs and gifts to take back home. Sample authentic Swedish food from the cafés and authentic restaurants located here.
  • Djurgårdenor Game Park: One of Stockholm’s top attractions, Djurgården is an island right in the middle of Stockholm. The island Djurgardenis known to attract more than 10 million visitors each year.
  • Vasa Museum: In 1628, the warship Vasa sailed from Stockholm on her anticipated maiden voyage and sank. It was discovered three centuries later, and happens to be the world’s only preserved 17th-century ship today. The museum allows you to view the ship from six levels and has been chosen as one of the 7 Wonders of Sweden.
  • Skansen: Located on the island of Djurgården, Skansen is the oldest open-air museum in the world. More than 150 different buildings and houses have been collected from all around the country and reassembled here.
  • SkyView: For an unforgettable view over the entire city 130 m above sea level, go to SkyView, which will take you to the top of the world’s largest spherical building, the Ericsson Globe. It is open daily for visitors.

For a typical Swedish experience, Stockholm is among the best cities to go to!