Saint Patrick’s Day Festival In Dublin

Saint Patrick’s Day Festival In Dublin

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Named after Saint Patrick, the most commonly recognised of the patron saints of Ireland is the Saint Patrick’s Day Festival, which is celebrated annually as a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on 17 March. Though it was made an official Christian feast day in the early seventeenth century, the first St. Patrick’s Festival was on March 17th 1996. It has grown into a 4-5 day celebration since then.

The day was instituted with twin aims, first, of commemorating Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, and the second being to celebrate the heritage and culture of the Irish in general. In fact today, Saint Patrick’s Day has come to be associated with everything Irish. It is believed that St Patrick’s parishioners began wearing shamrocks to his church services. This is because St. Patrick used a shamrock as a metaphor for the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, which showcased how three individual units could coexist in the same body. The shamrocks have come to be representative of Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day is symbolic of spiritual renewal which is marked by and missionaries offering prayers worldwide. In the year 2014, Saint Patrick’s Day Festival celebrations will begin from Friday 14th and continue till Monday 17th March.

The best place to enjoy the festivities of Saint Patrick’s Day Festival is Dublin, the capital city of Ireland. Accessing Dublin is convenient for tourists as it is well connected via air. Served by the Dublin International Airport, visitors can land here and then decide where they want to head in order to soak the flavours of Saint Patrick’s Day Festival.

This is the best time to catch a glimpse of Irish culture and partake in their traditions. The Irish markets are flooded with knickknacks such as Irish tartan ties and scarves, handmade Celtic jewelry and art among numerous others. Traditional festival favorites such as funnel cakes and kettlecorn, Irish Bangers and Mash, Guinness-marinated Tri-Tip on Irish Soda Bread are must haves. Enjoy a steaming cup of Irish tea served with delicious shortbread and scones in the cafes dotting the streets. Don’t miss the various genres of music, from bagpipes to Celtic harp, traditional Irish folk music to Celtic Rock which are usually performed throughout the day.

Important Information

• Admission to Saint Patrick’s Day Festival and related events is absolutely free.

• Free parking is available in the area.

• Events such as the Pancake Breakfast, the Green & White Gala and the Shamrock 5K Fun Run & Walk each require tickets and/or pre-registration.

• There is no restriction on alcohol during Saint Patrick’s Day Festival. However, each person must show proper ID in order to purchase alcohol. After showing proper ID, a wristband will be provided and must be worn while consuming any alcohol on the festival grounds.

• As far as enjoying the parade is concerned, there are great views of the parade almost anywhere along the route! There is also the option of bringing your own chairs or blankets. As long as you position yourself where you may not damage landscaping, it is fine.

So plan a trip to Dublin in March to enjoy the Saint Patrick’s Day Festival!


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