RIP Sushma Swaraj: Our Social media superhero

Sushma Swaraj’s death is a great loss for India. Former External Affairs Minister was one of the favorite politicians of people. She was one of the most followed politicians on Twitter. She had a strong connection with youth due to her social media presence and eagerness to help people. Twitter was flooded with messages soon after the news of her death broke. Condolences were coming from every corner of the world.

She was always ready to help people who were in trouble, we could say she was one of the best External Affairs ministers we had. She was known for helping people through her powers, to problems that were addressed to her on social media. There is no doubt why she was called as Iron lady of India. For remembering her and her good work, we have listed down below times when she was a superhero on social media for people.

  • She played a major major role in bringing Geeta Back to India
  • Just before her death she posted a photo of herself with Kulbhushan Yadav’s family
  • She helped a citizen return to India from US
  • When she responded to a problem with utmost patience
  • She helped a Twitter user after he was in trouble in Qatar
  • Her efforts are worth appreciating for bringing back 168 soldiers back  
  • She was helpful in this case as well
  • Always ready to help
  • She also made efforts to reach family of Shikha Garg
  • Even after on Holidays, she helped them
  • She is ready to help even if you are on mars!