Repository of Russian History: Moscow Kremlin

Moscow Kremlin, as per travel experts, is the perfect place to begin your tour of Moscow. The word Kremlin literally translates into “fortress”. Overlooking the Mosca river , it was built between the 14th and 17th centuries. It wouldn’t be wrong to call Moscow Kremlin a repository of the state’s rich cultural and historical lineage. It has played a dominant role in Russian life for over eight hundred years and has been associated with every major event in Russian history. Currently, Moscow Kremlin serves as the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation.

Evidence of human habitation on the site of the Kremlin dates back to 500 BC, as per historical sources. However, it was actually around 1147, when Yuri Dolgoruky, Grand Duke of Kiev, built a wooden fort at the point where the Neglina and Moskva Rivers converge, that the foundations of Moscow Kremlin were established. After that, generations of rulers left their mark on the Kremlin, by adding their own set of structures to it.

In order to reach Moscow, where Kremlin is located, the best option is to take a flight and land at Moscow, which is well connected via flights with other countries. Once you reach Moscow, then a taxi can be hired or public transport can be used to visit Kremlin, which is situated on Red Square.

As per travel experts, when visiting Kremlin, winters are best avoided as Moscow is well known for its harsh and chilly winters. Though the city is warm and bustling during the peak summer months, this also happens to be the ‘on’ season, when hotel rates escalate. Thus, the months of April and May are considered to be the best months to visit Kremlin is located, particularly if you want to avoid crowds.

This fortified complex is home to an ensemble of monuments of outstanding quality. From palaces to cathedrals and churches, a trip to Moscow Kremlin is bound to take up a lot of time, due to the numerous splendid structures located within it. Some of these monuments include Church of the Annunciation, Cathedral of the Dormition, Church of the Archangel and Great Palace of the Kremlin. The existing Kremlin walls and towers were built by Italian masters over the years 1485 to 1495.

Visitors ought to note that the Moscow Kremlin is closed on Thurdsays. Also, there is a general admission ticket to Kremlin grounds, which costs approximately $15, and is mandatory for every visitor to purchase. However, this general admission ticket doesn’t necessarily guarantee entry to every monument inside Kremlin as some of them have their own additional tickets as well. So visitors should plan beforehand what they want to visit, in order to prevent any kind of confusion.

Some of the must visit attractions inside Kremlin include:

• Cathedral Square is the heart of the Kremlin. It includes Cathedral of the Dormition, Cathedral of the Annunciation and Cathedral of the Archangel Michael, which was the last one to be built.

• Ivan the Great Bell Tower: This happens to be the tallest building of the Kremlin and a must visit attraction of Kremlin.

• Saviour’s Tower: This is from where tourists enter Kremlin, and is renowned for its famous chiming clock.

• Great Kremlin Palace: A memorial to Russian military might, this 700 room palace was home to both Russian and later the Soviet rulers.