Prague: The golden city of hundred spires

The capital of Czech Republic, Prague is a delightful city which sites on the banks of the Vltava River. In the beginning of the 19th century, a famous mathematician and philosopher, Bernardo Balzano calculated about 103 spires and towers in and around the city, hence giving it the title of ‘The golden city of hundred spires’.

Prague has always been one of the most popular holiday destinations on the tourist map. Theyhave preserved their medieval city combined with its rich history. Prague with its vast parks, Vegas- style nightlife and with a hint of romance, takes up a special place in the hearts of its visitors.
Cruising Prague’s beautiful streets, one can come across city’s superb architectural monuments and statues. Following are some of the city’s most breath taking places that have to be in your itinerary:

The old town square:

The old town square
Also known as Stare Mesto Prazske, the square is the heart of the city. Since the 12th century, it has been untouched. You can grab a bite and enjoy the beautiful view in front of you. There are loads of street artists and vendors, making the ambiance wonderful here.The square has many other attractions. It has the Astronomical clock, which is one-of-its-kind medieval clock. Every hour people here enjoy the mechanical performance of the clock. The clock has 12 medallions with the zodiac signs on it, which makes it one of the rarest things in Europe. You can also visit the Tyn and St. Nichilas church ring, Town Hall Tower and also see the medieval houses called the catacombs at the square.

Prague Castle:

Prague Castle
The castle is the most popular site in the city. It has gardens, royal residences and a cathedral. The castle is said to lord over the city. It is divided into many sections. The St. Vitus cathedral has the most beautiful stained glass windows. The castle also includes the St. George’s Basilica, The story of Prague, Golen Lane with Dailborka Tower, and the Power house.

John Lennon Wall:

John Lennon Wall
Kampa, near the river is the place where this wall sites. The story behind this wall is that in 1980s when communism was coming to its end, students from all around the city started writing lyrics of John Lennon songs on the wall to show their grievances. Today this wall is a symbol of love and peace. Anyone and everyone can write or paint on this wall.You can see people playing music on the street and enjoy the atmosphere.

Drink the Czech beer and eat local food

Czech beer
When visiting a new place, we all have the curiosity to taste the delicacies of that place. In this case, Prague is the proud holder of ‘number 1 place in the world of beer consumption per capita’ title. They have the best beer in the world. It is cheaper than a bottle of water. There are also a lot of restaurants here serving the local cuisine which you must try. You can visit the Country Life, Vino Graf, U Medvidku, Las Adelitas and many more for some music and great food.

Prague At night:

The Charles Bridge
The city becomes stunning at night. It has an amazing nightlife. You can party at places like U Buldoka, Roxy, Cross Club, Neone, Karlovy Lazne and many more. A walk along the river front and admiring the well-lit upbuildings is a wonderful feeling. You can also walk the Charles Bridge, because it is quiet and peaceful at that time.
Your bucket list is incomplete without Prague being on it. It is the dream city of every traveler.