Planning Honeymoon: Be As Romantic As You Can!

So finally, after the hectic schedule of the wedding celebrations, the love birds get their time together on their honeymoon. Honestly, this is going to be once in a lifetime opportunity, to get to know your partner better. In new settings, in a different environment, with no worries about daily chores, a honeymoon should be all about romance. Don’t take for granted that your trip will be romantic. Just make every moment count to make your honeymoon memorable!

Here are some of the romantic things which every couple should do on their honeymoon!

Book a couple’s massage: Reserve a private room at the spa, a spot right on the beach or any other soothing and secluded location at your hotel. A honeymoon is all about relaxing and a massage is a great way to relieve

stress and tension and simply relax. You could even take turns giving each other massages in the comfort of your hotel room.

Order In: Being on a honeymoon gives you a great excuse to hang out in your room and order in. Sample lots of local food and cuisines. Get elaborate and classy. Order the elements of fine dining, like a bottle of an

expensive wine. Switch off the lights and have a candle light dinner in your balcony.

Watch The Sunrise Hand In Hand: Sunset is the typical romantic time but change the conventions and set the alarm clock to go watch the sunrise. It is most likely that you’ll have the whole sun to yourself. Choose a spot

such as the beach, the terrace of the hotel or its pool side, which is expected to be virtually deserted. A sunrise is the ultimate symbol of new beginnings. Afterwards, you can order breakfast in bed or be open to other

possibilities. (wink wink)

Get The Adrenaline Rush: Engage in adventurous activities together such as biking, trekking, river rafting, etc. If you have any fears, this is the time to face them, with your partner for life. Such activities also let you know

how supportive and caring your partner is.

Go Dancing: Slow dancing in your room is another thing but dressing up and going out together in a discotheque or club is another exciting activity. Choose a place which is neither too crowded nor too empty. Also, ensure

that it is a safe place where you’re going to. Play acting to be unknown people who’ve met in the club is an interesting charade you can try!

Surprise Him/ Her: It could be anything, a small present, a walk on the beach or a candlelight dinner, make it a point to surprise your partner on the honeymoon. This gesture will show how much he/she cares about you

and the extent to which your happiness matters to them!

These are just a few starter tips. However, you can and you should always add and innovate and come up with your own ideas, to make your honeymoon a memorable one. Don’t forget to click lots of pictures!