Picturesque Indian destinations to Visit in December

Well as 2017 ends we all want that one last trip to commemorate December and the beautiful year gone by. If you are planning a winter vacation and confused about which place to visit, we at Travel Planet have a list of places that are picture perfect pretty in December:


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Kohima situated in Nagaland is famous for its hornbill festival that is held every December. Many tourists come to Kohima as this festival celebrates Nagaland. Hornbill festival is celebrated to revive, protect, sustain, and promote the richness of Naga heritage and traditions. From colors to culture of North East, Kohima is beautiful.


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Kutch is known for its rustic and artistic beauty. This place is famous for its white desert sand, cultural activities, luxury tents etc. A large number of tourists attend ‘Rann Utsav’ of Kutch along with a plethora of activities like shooting, paragliding, archery, curio shopping, and star gazing.


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Everyone wants to have that one Goa trip and its beaches make it a memorable experience in winters. Sun, sand, good food and an influx of foreign tourist make Goa an ideal destination in December. Many people plan and visit Goa in December to enjoy the Christmas and New Year parties.


Auli, Uttarakhand

Auli in Uttrakhand is a quaint little village; with its snowy fields, it can easily attract snow lovers. You can enjoy skydiving, trekking, skiing, mountaineering, and cable car rides in Auli. For people who love history the Hanuman temple, Nanda Devi Peak, and the Trishul Peak are beautiful places to visit. Artificial Lake of Auli is the highest artificial lake in India and tourists enjoy skiing here.

 Kaziranga (Assam)

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If you love jungle safaris, you must visit Kaziranga in December. You can see rhinoceros, elephants, tigers, baboons, and wild buffaloes very easily. This turns into an ideal place for bird watching as many birds come from places like Siberia to Kaziranga.

Which place would you pick to visit and why?