Pictures of newly built Kerala park impresses people online

Photos of a newly built park in Kerala village are trending on social media, with many people comparing it with a European city. Images of the new Vagbhatananda Park at Karakkad, near Vadakara in Kozhikode district, quickly went viral across social media sites shortly after it was inaugurated by state Tourism Minister Kadakampalli Surendran. As the pictures of the park show its modern designs many praised the design.

The park has statues, an open stage, badminton court, open gymnasium, and children’s park. The paths and toilets have been designed to accommodate the differently-abled as well. It has pathways, those in wheelchairs and paths also have tactile tiles that will help people with visual impairment.

The minister shared photos on social media:

He also shared pictures of the village before and after the redevelopment to highlight the changes. 

“I realise that the renovation of this park had an active participation of locals. From the beginning of designing, the renovation activities have been conducted by considering the opinions of the locals and their regions,” the minister’s post in Malayalam said.

According to the minister, the park has been built to honor social reformer Vagbhatananda guru.

Check out how people reacted to it: