Phuket – Sand, Sea, Sun and Memories

All set to marry your beloved, time to look for the perfect destination for your perfect partner to end up the long driven wedding ceremony on a perfect note, is it already? If you want to travel away from family chaos to enjoy the tranquility of an isolated place, get lost in the beauty of nature with your partner spending the much waited quality time with him/her. Here is a suggestion for you, you could try Phuket. Exotic beaches, amazing landscape, weather and sunsets everything that you probably thought of, in Phuket, the feeling of love seeping in would just get all the more prominent.

Being one of the most visited places, Phuket has an entire range of accommodation options to offer to you, from luxury resorts to family guest houses to secluded villas to an accommodation in a far off island. You get what you want here. Choose carefully according to your need and want, also keep in mind your budget.

You could board a flight to Bangkok and then take a domestic flight to Phuket; air route is one of the best ways to reach the city. Direct international flights from various Asian countries are also available.

Places to be- Thai Village and Orchid Farm- if you have an interest in studying and knowing cultures this place located on the Thepkasattri road might have just the enough to interest you. Thai dance, sword fighting, boxing, elephant show and technique of handicrafts are on display for people to see.

Laem Promthep- Located at the extreme southern end of Phuket, Laem is a Thai word which in Hindi means purity, thep in Hindi means god. So earlier people used to refer to it as Laem Chao which means God’s cape, it used to be a popular landmark back then.

Heart Karon- stretched along 4kms by the coast, this beech is quieter and less frequently visited by the tourists. There is beauty in the austerity here. You could use the peace to discover each other better or just silently admiring the pristine beauty of nature.

Phuket Thaihua Museum- everyone likes museums for they have so many stories to tell, this one is not an exception. If you have a historic blend of mind, you could actually enjoy watching the videos and photos narrating the story of the history and relationship of Chinese people in Thailand, you would also see things that might enlighten you about the culture, food and dressing sense, eating habits and lifestyle of the people here. The Sino Portuguese architecture of the building is all the attractive and interesting.
There are many sites from World War 1 and 2 that you might want to go to with your partner. Kanchanaburi war cemetery, Chong kai war cemetery, bridge over the river kwai are a few of them.

Thailand is known for its massage parlors and spa centers, try getting in touch with the locals here to find out the best deal for you and your beloved, you could have a refreshing massage here which might help in draining you off of all your worries and refreshing the body and the soul.

Having a Chinese influence in their culture you’d find some amazing options of Chinese cuisines to hog on. Apart from this there are many restaurants and sea side cafes stocked with all kind of delicacies, enough to satisfy your taste buds.

For those who have an innate love for flora and fauna, this city has a lot to offer. There are many national parks like Op Luang National Park, Doi Inthanon National Park, Doi suthep Doi pui National Park, all of them extremely rich in bio diversity and the perfect places which set the mood just right bringing you close to nature and filling you with a sense of bliss.

Oh and you Phuket is also known to be the shopper’s delight, put in a little extra efforts browse through the local flea markets for some amazing junk jewellery and dresses and get yourself some of the best you’ve ever got in an extremely less price.

Once in Phuket, get ready to enjoy the sight of the beautiful sunset that would leave you awestruck. Walking along the beach hand in hand with your beloved talking everything you always wanted to, these memories are going to stay with you forever.

Happy travelling!