Phenomenal Perth

The capital city of Western Australia, Perth is a laid back, easy going and huge cosmopolitan which lacks the busy bustle that most big cities tend to have, making it an amazing experience to visitors. It is located on the Swan Coastal Plain along the Swan River. Popularly known as the “City of Light” around the world, it earned its nickname back in 1962 when all the residents of the city lit their house lights as the American Astronaut John Glenn passed over the city while orbiting the earth. Its pristine beaches, wide range of available activities and sensational skyline has earned it 9th place on the list of world’s most liveable cities and a place in our list of the top 10 cities of the world.

This beautiful city is full of activities for people of all ages.

Top of the list is the Aquarium of Western Australia. It gives people a chance to see the beauty of the underwater creatures up close. The tour takes people through a 98 meter long tunnel where beautiful sea creatures like turtles, stingrays, sharks and fishes glide overhead. Those feeling a little adventurous can even snorkel or dive with the sharks.

ThePerth zoo is another place of interest where you can adorn the wildlife treasures of Australia. It houses over 1200 animals, 160 species and an extensive botanical collection. The zoo also has an extensive conservation program where it breeds various indigenous and non-indigenous species.

History buffs will find the visit to the Perth mint worth their while. It is the Australia’s oldest and currently operating mint. A place full of history, it even allows you to fondle a gold bar, mint your own coins and watch gold pours. In 2011 it minted the world’s largest, heaviest and most valuable gold coin that weighs 1000 kilos.

Australia has one of the most beautiful and the cleanest beaches in the world.

The Cottesloe Beach is the most famous beach of the city. It is popular among the locals who visit the beach to let their hair down on hot, lazy days. The south side of the beach is perfect for snorkelling and enjoying wonderful sunset moments.

The Scarborough beach is another one that is popular among the locals. Famous for its wide, clean and beautiful sands, it makes an ideal picnic spot. Other famous beaches include the Perth City Beach, Trigg Island and Sorrento Beach.

People willing to explore the cultural side of Perth can visit the Western Australian Museum and the Art Gallery of Western Australia. The Western Australian Maritime Museum may also pique the interest of visitors which displays maritime objects from various eras.

Perth is a classic example of Mediterranean climate. The summers there are generally hot and dry whereas the winters are cold and wet.

The months of November and December are the best time to visit this city.

The currency used in Perth is the Australian dollar which is currently equal to 54 Indian rupees.

Being a coastal city, sea food is rather popular with the locals. The regional cuisines show a strong German influence. Vegemite is an Australian iconic food item. It is a nutritious and tasty food paste made from yeast extract that is widely used throughout Australia. Other unique food items include macadamia nuts; Violet crumble, a honeycomb chocolate bar and Jaffas, which is chocolate with orange flavoured confectionary shell.

Perth is truly a world class city and a trip to this unique place is an unforgettable experience in itself.