People react to Goa reopening its borders

The pandemic caused many states to close the border to contain the virus and now three months after the lockdown. The restrictions have been eased in many parts of India. After the number of reported cases declined, Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar announced that borders will be open to tourists from 2nd July. 

A list of guidelines for continuing operations was also shared with hotels and only 250 hotels were granted permission to allow guests. The tourists can only book their stay with hotels that have been granted permission to allow the stay. 

The trips to hotels and other touristy places will be different after this pandemic as people will have to comply with many rules and regulations. The tourists will also not be allowed to move about without a COVID-19 negative certificate and they will be tested upon entering the state. 

This news sparked a reaction from people and many shared their thoughts on Twitter. Here is what people wrote.

People are being advised to stay at home even though the lockdown has lifted. Unnecessary traveling is not being advised during this time.