Paris’s Treasure: Eiffel Tower

A tourist goes to Paris and doesn’t visit Eiffel Tower,that is something which is simply not possible. Down the years, both Paris and France have been known to be represented by the iconic Eiffel Tower. In fact, what is significant about Eiffel Tower is the fact that its top can be spotted from any part of Paris. The very fact that Eiffel Tower is the most-visited paid monument in the world is testimony to its global popularity.

Located on the Champ de Mars in Paris, the Eiffel Tower was built for the World Exhibition in 1889, for marking the centenary of the French Revolution. It continued to hold the record of being world’s tallest man-made structure until 1930. Eiffel Tower was set to be dismantled in 1909 but it had become so popular that the Paris city hall decided to keep it open.

At a height of 324 m, the Eiffel Tower is almost equivalent to an 81-storey building. The architect commissioned for its construction was Gustave Eiffel. It took more than two years to complete this structure. Eiffel Tower, which is essentially an iron lattice tower, composed of about 12,000 iron pieces. The attention to detail was such that each piece was designed separately to give them exactly the shape needed.

Being one of the most visited cities in the world, Paris is bustling with tourists all the year round. July and August are the months which are best avoided as the city tends to get way too crowded. The months between April to June and September to November are considered to be the best time to explore the lovely city of Paris, where Eiffel Tower is located.

In order to visit Eiffel Tower, the first thing for tourists is to access Paris, for which there are a variety of flights from all over the world. Once in Paris, it is not difficult to reach Eiffel Tower. Tourists should take note that the Eiffel Tower stands on the left bank of the Seine in a garden called the Champ de Mars. Whether it’s by metro or boat, by car or by bike, it is upto the visitor to choose his mode of travel.

Visitors ought to note that Eiffel Tower is open to its tourists on all days throughout the year. However, the opening times vary according to the time of year. From 15 June to the 1st of September, Eiffel Tower remains open from 9 a.m. in the morning to midnight. For the rest of the year, the timings are from 9:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. As far as the ticket prices are concerned, the prices vary depending on whether you opt for the lift entrance ticket to the top or to the second floor or the stairs entrance ticket.

As far as exploring Eiffel Tower goes, the structure has three levels. Most visitors use the elevators to access the first and second levels. However, access to the top is by elevator only. The stairs which are open to the public go up to the 2nd floor, giving tourists an opportunity to enjoy the glorious Eiffel Tower at their own pace. From the top floor, besides a panoramic view of Paris, one can also spot other notable structures such as Arc De Triomphe, Louvre Museum and Notre Dame Cathedral among others.

Plan a vacation to Paris to soak in the lovely monuments which the city has to offer, one of them being Eiffel Tower!