Standing over 7,000 feet above sea level in the Nilgirimountains,Ooty was established by the British in the nineteenth century.Memorably nicknamed ‘Snooty Ooty’ be it summer, monsoon or winter,Ooty will enthrall you with the natural grandeur of its mountains.Tucked deeply inside the blue mountains of South India, Ooty,officially known as Udhagamandalam is shaped in the form of anamphitheater and is bound to remind tourists of the peaceful essenceof a country lifestyle. Ooty, the queen of hill stations, overlookingthe Nilgiri hills is also known as the ‘Blue Mountain’ because theeucalyptus trees that envelope the area give off a blue smoky haze.The deep, rolling hills and green valleys of Ooty continue to stunboth the visitors and natives alike.

The weather of Ooty is generally pleasant throughout the year. Eachnew season adds a different dimension to the beauty of Ooty, whilealso continuing to be hospitable for tourists. It is thus not
surprising that Ooty is among those few hill stations that can beeasily visited at any time of the year. Being located at a highaltitude, the climate of Ooty remains cool and temperate all throughthe year. During the summers temperature ranges from 10 C to 25 C.Winter temperatures ranges between 5 degree and 21 degrees centigrade.During the rainy season the hill station thrives on lush greenery allaround. The most suitable times to visit this hill station are themonths of February and March and the time between October andNovember.

Not only because of the refreshing quality of its weather, but alsobecause of the plethora of tourist spots it has to explore, Ooty hasbecome an important hill station for travellers both in India andabroad. If you are in Ooty, the first thing you should do is take aride on the toy train. The Nilgiri mountain train gives you the mostpicturesque glimpses of this beautiful hill station. Next in line isOoty Lake, which was artificially formed by John Sullivan. Surroundedby lofty eucalyptus trees and shrubs, it also offers angling andfishing opportunities for visitors.  For the devout, Annamalai Temple,also known as the 7th Hill house of the Lord is of great importanceand religious significance. It is a short scenic 20 kms drive fromOoty. For those who wish to see the past vestige of colonization inOoty and the families who developed it, St Stephens Church is a placewhich should definitely be on your places to visit in Ooty.

As far as food in Ooty is concerned, Ooty’s cuisine is pretty similarto that across Tamil Nadu. However, for the ones with a sweet tooth,Ooty is a paradise. Home made chocolate, buns and fudge are some ofthe must haves here. Ooty is also famous of its tea plantation and. Soensure that you have a cup of Ooty tea.

In terms of weather, food, tourist spots to explore, Ooty has it all.It would be a sin not to visit this erstwhile British hill town inyour lifetime!