Noida has Delhi’s maiden flying restaurant

The secret to an amazing dining experience requires good food and great ambiance. What do you think about adding some adventure to the experience? So, how about eating above in the sky? We all must be aware of a flying restaurant in Kuala lampur, but it is now in the state of Noida. And it is not for faint-hearted people.

All set to become one of the hottest spots, FlyDinning has made its way to Noida. The restaurant is built at a height of 50 meters above the ground, fly dining is an experience of a lifetime. You are made to be seated in a structure that can accommodate about 24 people and 4 servers, the structure is supported by a crane. 

Concerned about safety? The structure has been made from a high-grade metal platform that is secured by aircraft standard belts and seats. The staff members are also secured by the harness. Conceptualized and designed as per German norms, the platform, seat belts, and crane have been carefully scrutinized to ensure maximum safety of the guests and employees. In case of an emergency, the platform can be brought down to safety area below. 

To promote community dining, fly dining enables guests to share a meal with their loved ones. After Benglauru FlyDining is here to give Noida an exceptional gourmet experience. The menu of the restaurant is set to cater to the need of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. 

It is a luxurious affair that combines fine dining and adventure and is perfect for people looking for an exceptional experience. Don’t wait too long, 

Where: Fly-Dining, Garden Galleria Mall, Noida

 Cost: Rs 2,999 onwards