New Zealand, celebrating love!

Everyone has a dream of going on an unforgettable honeymoon, to a place absolutely uncommon and to have an experience extremely unique. Fly over to New Zealand and give your wedded life a perfect start in one of the most romantic countries with exotic locations emitting good vibes in the backdrop.  This country takes over you as soon as you land here, the people here have a warm body language and a chilled attitude towards life, the aura is such that in no time you’d be inspired to let go off all your worries at least for these vacations. All you got to do is be here physically as well as mentally the rest would be taken care of.

How to reach– flights are available to New Zealand from most international airports, you could also travel via ship; most cruises to New Zealand are available from Australia and other pacific islands.

If you have adventurous instincts, New Zealand will not fail in keeping you busy, it has so much to offer, skiing, air sports and water sports, paragliding, the adventurous zeal in you will have no option but to settle down with saturation.
Even simply sitting by the beach under the moonlit sky has its own beauty and will add comfort and intimacy to the two of yours relation.

Napier, this city is the perfect example to the phrase, life doesn’t stop, it has amazing sites and showcases the progress a city and its people can make in a little while. Truly inspiring story and extremely pleasant experience awaits you.

Other places that must be visited are Punakaiki coast, The Waikato River, Franz Joseph Range, Abel Tasman Coast Track, Golden Bay, Waitakere Beaches, Tongariro National Park, The Coromandel and The Milford Track among many others. There are small independent tour packages available which help you to explore every nook and corner of the country, the Auckland tour is a must take.

The country is blessed with rich biodiversity, you could come across extreme varieties and species of flora and fauna, planning a hiking trip with your beloved walking around in the unknown discovering new forms of plants and animals would be much of a pleasant memory walking back home with you.

There is beauty in austerity in New Zealand, the beaches, the mountains, the waterfalls everything you come across will have a story to tell you and a beautiful view to soothe your eyes, all of it makes New Zealand the perfect romantic getaway.
Considering a lot of couples choose New Zealand as their Honeymoon destination, there are various hotels and resorts available offering exclusive Honeymoon packages, each with something special to lure the newly weds, you could choose the most appropriate package according to your preference and budget.

New Zealand is pretty throughout the year hence, is popularly visited all 12 moths of a year. Decide a month as per your preference, December to February the country suffers maximum heat; winter stretches from June to August while spring extends from September to November. The maximum temperature ranges from 15-30 degree in summers and in winters it falls in the range of 6 to 14 degree.

Food- It is suggested that you have something of their local menu and then go around explore the city. The food culture here has been influenced by various other cultures, there are various interesting cultural format that are note worthy, barbeque is a summer pet, the guests are expected to bring along a bottle of beer and wine along with them and party with everyone. Seeing a hangi gathering is also fascinating. Bring a plate gathering would requires the guests to bring a plate with food from their respective homes and share it with folks; another custom says Bring your own alcohol. In a world where people hardly have time or patience or even trust to sit with others and share food, New Zealand with its unique customs would not fail to amaze you.  A part from community dinners, many local restaurants can be found by the beach and in the city, you could go to a place suiting your pocket. Also, since New Zealand has a well established wine market, trying the various varieties of wine available here would stay with you and add sparkle to your vacations.

Come to New Zealand and watch the magic of this places taking over you and her and taking your love story to an all new level, come see for yourself!