Netizens react on this Indian family’s shameful video

This is not for the first time that someone had stole things from a hotel. There are many people who do this without even thinking about the consequences. Recently something similar happened with an Indian family in Bali, Indonesia. While leaving from the hotel they were allegedly stopped by the staff and got their luggage checked. The shocking thing that made everyone disappointed was items such as hangers, electronics, towel and decorative were found in their bags. Their video while being shamed by the workers has gone viral and is reflecting a bad image of how Indians stay in Abroad.

The entire video of this incidence got tweeted by a user @rumilife0612. “Why do Indians do this I just can’t understand. One should maintain a certain kind of dignity and class ..What is this,” read the tweet, which has received over 90 thousand likes.

Check out the video here:

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