Mysteries That Are Actually Solved

Come on . . . its 2016 now. Rather than taking a tough resolution, let’s get out from the tank of mysteries that we STILL want to explore despite of the fact that they are already solved. Some even do not exist. It’s like someone has licked the cream of a biscuit and left the bland for you. Please read this with two minutes of silence on your ignorance (if there is any).

The Bermuda Triangle

Mystery: You may get a lot of SHOCKING FACTS about this Devil’s Triangle, it is a triangle shaped region in the North Atlantic Ocean from Bermuda to Miami and Puerto Rico, where many aircrafts and ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances and their debris cannot be found.

Solved: The average number of crafts disappearing here is the same as in any other well-trafficked part of the ocean. This story has survived on unnecessary hype. There have been no major disappearances since 1999 as debris went missing. There is a Gulf Stream runs near the triangle which instantly get rid of the remains of ships or aircrafts.

The Bloop

Mystery: There is a mysterious ultra low frequency and an unbelievably loud sound in the South Pacific that can be heard between two underwater stations. And these stations are separated by 5000 kilometers. People fantasized that the sound might be produced by a gigantic unknown animal and created a new theory about such sound.

Solved: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) cleared that it was the sound to a large ice-quake. Numerous ice-quakes share parallel spectrograms with Bloop, as well as the amplitude essential to find them in spite of ranges exceeding 5000 km.

Egyptian Pyramids

Mystery: The world has been mystified for years about just to know that how slaves carried the huge blocks across the Valley of the Kings in more or less during 2000 BC to construct the magnificent pyramids. For 4000 years, it has been called a work of the aliens.

Solved: The Dutch researchers have come up with a conclusion with a two letter answer: ‘Wet Sand’. The Egyptians placed weighty stuff on a sledge, which has been pulled by hundreds of people and just poured water on the sandy way, which made it easier for the sledges to slither over the sand.

The Iron Pillar of Delhi

Mystery: Always flooded with tourists, the iron pillar has successfully stayed away from rust for around 1600 years despite being standing bare in open air. The majority of people unsurprisingly point the explanation to ancient paranormal activities.

Solved: The Scientific analysis suggests that the pillar is layered with iron having phosphorous which ultimately prevents the pillar from oxidization.

Mystery spots

Mystery: There are various sites in the planet where the magnetic field works unevenly and makes objects fall.

Solved: They are turned around and are at an inclination of 20 degrees. It hinders your logic so you can’t tell where actually the horizon is.