Music City- July 4th

Nashville is the capital of the State of Tenessee, USA. Situated alongside Cumberland River, this place exuberates life and zest.  Mostly known as the centre for healthcare, music, publishing, education and other services, this city is particularly popular for its music craze. The amount of music that is produced and followed here has won the city its popular name; it is often fondly called as the ‘Music city’.

This city is forever in the mood for celebration and fun and the music city’s July 4th music concert is one event to look forward to. Popular bands like the Band Perry, Nashville Symphony and keb’Mo’ would be playing the latest of 2013 to add the best to the July 4th celebrations.
It is said that if there’s anything Nashville excels in doing, it is to throw a party. The city knows just how to set the mood right and get people put aside their worries and let the party animal in them to peep out and dance its heart out.
This day promises some very good free live music, a day to chill out with family and friends, dance and sing and relish the good old days and towards the end witness some amazing firework enlightening the night sky of the city. This firework is said to be the best ever, the child in you would dance seeing the sky getting painted in various colors and your heart would fill with joy.
take out your calendars and already cut out July 4th and 5th, keep both these days aside to later assign them to enjoy the Music city’s best with your near ones. Reach early and enjoy the entire day from 12pm to 5 pm in the family fun zone for free. There are band performances scheduled for the entire day, the best of bands performing the best of their music to celebrate the best known festival of the Music city.
Produced by Pyro Shows Inc., the fireworks planned for the day will include of more than 26000 fireworks shells. The combination of music and the best firework in action in the night sky will be an impeccable sight and should easily make it to your must-not-miss list.

To enjoy the day in the right spirits is a must, make sure you do not indulge in any anti social activity that spoils the spirit and joy of the social gathering which is meant to spread joy and smiles. Check up with the event’s details online on the web, see the schedule and decide what do you want to attend and what can you afford to miss, there would be hardly any, mostly. Check up with the list of do’s and don’ts and follow it to let the spirit of the event maintain.  There are a lot of other events planned up in that week, check them up online and set yourself right to enjoy them in the best spirits.
Getting to town is not a task, the city is well connected to others in the country and there are excellent facilities in the inside for navigating from one place to other.
Get ready to enjoy the music city as it gets ready to sing for you!